Robbie Student has a B.A. in Philosophy from Columbia University. He got there via the NYC public school system. Spend sixty seconds with him and it’s clear he’s not part of the media elite.

Robbie drank the Kool-Aid and wrote policy pieces on education and the economy for the Obama campaign, but after initially posturing that money was better spent on teachers than sending our kids into an unwinnable war, once in office O and company did an about face and pissed Robbie off big time. Political bait and switch clearly didn’t sit well with him. As it turned out, neither did the Kool-Aid.

At this point Robbie’s not sure whether Rand Paul or Barack Obama is worse for the middle and lower classes of our society.

Robbie has gold records and #1 plaques on his walls from records/CD’s he’s produced, executive produced, and/or mixed. When he was 11 he played the piano for Van Cliburn’s mom at Carnegie Recital Hall, in his parent’s hope that she would take him on as a student. She would not. He’s probably better off for it, as was Mrs. Cliburn.

He was the co-president of an Advisory Board for a nationally renowned youth basketball/education program that has won local and national championships and helps kids from diverse backgrounds reach their academic goals, as well as a vice-president of their Board of Directors.

Robbie was the co-host of a syndicated (if 3 stations passes for syndicated) terrestrial radio show (Financially Incorrect) having to do with the financial markets and investor psychology. He regularly hangs out with Managing Directors of Wall Street firms who are worth much more than he is and rarely share his political viewpoints. Despite this, he considers them all to be people of high character possessing deep and probing intelligence. Except for some of them.

He will opine on parenthood, economics, Zen, steroids, music and the music biz (2 entirely different things), popular culture, youth screen addiction, cell phone radiation, political policy, and anarchy. For starters.

He is not, contrary to the impression that might be gathered from the above, full of himself, although he used to be.

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