Anarchy Rising

Someone close to me had a stroke at the beginning of April. She returned home at the beginning of June.

3 weeks later one of the many home health care workers who came to provide therapy and aid got hold of her checkbook, copied the routing and account numbers, and used the info, along with other lowlifes to whom the numbers were sold, to make bill payments via phone. Total damages were more than $7000. Almost all of it’s been returned.

3 weeks ago, after spending around 10,000 hours on 5 or 6 different desk and laptop computers over the past 10 years, I was hacked into. I’ve got four screens, so it was a sci-fi nightmare to see grotesque image after grotesque image pop-up along with a demand for a credit card number that would cause the attack to cease. I manually shut the machine down, and paid an IT expert to clean it up and restore the data.

In response to these unsavory and disheartening incidents, I’ve spent a decent amount of time talking with the bank’s fraud unit and the local police precinct. They both said that petty and not so petty crime was rising as people who wouldn’t normally step over the line are driven by need to do so.

Petty crime is a form of anarchy. It’s a precursor to greater civil unrest. Kids coming out of juvey or rehab, working their programs, are going to find nothing in the way of legitimate work. Can you say recidivist?

And regardless of what the stock market does today or in the next year or two, the level of unemployment is going to rise and strains are going to be put on the very system that keeps people in line by making them part of it.

I’m looking into prison stocks. I don’t know if there’s a pure play on bologna or spam, but if Buffet’s looking for something long term, he might start there.

You gotta hope some of the white collar bastards whose greed and deception caused this mess end up sharing cells with some of the skells who returned to crime in order to make ends meet.