CT Massacre – Robbie’s Transcribed Opening and Podcast

On the one hand I suppose it's a good day to believe in God, get some comfort, believe there's an afterlife for these innocent souls, and perhaps even punishment for the ghoul who killed them. On the other hand, it's not an easy day to believe in an omnipotent loving God.

I've heard a number of hosts and news types say they're not going to speculate, yet we've had different brothers named as the killer, we've had the body of the mother of the killer turn up in a classroom, and then in a local home.

I'm not a big fan of experts, and I'm not a worshiper of MD's, PhD's, and other credentialed types.

I've told the story about how, when my wife and I were having difficulties conceiving kids, we went to a fertility expert who had just been written up in the NY Times, who had my wife in tears after telling her she only had a 5% chance of conceiving. At that moment, our second son had been residing inside her for around 15 days. And prior to our first son being conceived, another fertility big-wig performed a minor surgery on her, the details of which he reported to me directly afterwards. A week later, he showed us a video that contradicted his initial reportage. When I questioned him in depth and in detail, and,knowing me, perhaps a bit belligerently, he had his office staff double check thoroughly, and it turned out that we were watching someone else's surgery.

So like I said, letters after ones' name does not an expert make. Doesn't mean you can't be a brilliant doctor, or a brilliant PhD, it means that just because you ARE an MD or a PhD or a "recognized" expert, that doesn't make you brilliant or insightful.

So I'm going to speculate. I'm going to think out loud. I may make some mistakes. No false humility, just reality.

I'm very sad. The empathy for the parents who lost kids is overwhelming. About an hour ago, when speaking to my younger teenage son, I had to stop because I was choking up. Idiot male that I am I tried to cover for myself so he wouldn't know. He knew.

So let me now bring in a Doctor of Psychology, a PsyD as it's known in the trade. He's a brilliant man, and a wonderful friend, and I don't know exactly where we're going to go, but we're going to try our best to puzzle this out, even though we know there are still some crucial pieces missing.

Let me welcome to the show Dr. John Palumbo.