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LK debuts OVER THE AIR IN NYC on 970 The Apple: 12AM EST, Monday morning, September 12.  The show will be streaming live over the internet on  AM970The Once there, click on Listen Live.

We Put Up the Bail-LK’s WOR BroadKast 7-21-11

LK reminds us that when our government or the European Union bail out companies and/or nations, it’s we the people who are actually doing the bailing. LK also directs our gaze to south of the border, where the drug gangs are as ugly as the suicide bombers halfway ’round the world.

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Don’t Fear the Rooster-LK’s WOR BroadKast-7/14/11

You can stick your head in the sand, you can whistle past the graveyard, but there’s no way you should avoid facing the slow deterioration of our way of life. “Cock-a-doodle-doo” says LK.

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Ugly Reflections-LK’s WOR BroadKast 7/13/11

LK usually likes starting with big picture news, following which he hones in on the effect it has on our daily lives. Today however, the local news says it all, and acts as a gigantic, shameful mirror. Dr. John takes apart the Bachmann clinic.

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The Spoils of War-LK’s WOR BroadKast 7/12/11

We’ve got the debt ceiling, we’ve got public servants with pink handguns, we’ve got horrors in the middle east, we’ve got China’s eye in the sky, and we’ve got Iraqi resources going to Royal Dutch Shell instead of American troops. LK’s got his hands full.

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Jitter Nation-LK’s WOR BroadKast 7/11/11

LK is acutely aware that the citizens of the United State of America are on pins and needles. The economy sucks, lives, limbs, and dollars are being lost overseas, and our leaders are deaf, blind, and very very dumb.

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LooseKannon To Be Guest On Fox & Friends June 7

LooseKannon will be Unleashed Live on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 6:20 a.m. ET. Make sure you set your alarm so you can catch him!

And if you haven’t listened in yet, you can hear LooseKannon’s Radio Show on every Monday through Friday from 7 – 8 p.m. ET !

Broadway On The Beltway – PodKast

LK gives a scathing review to the congressional theatrics surrounding the futile attempt to kill ObamaCare. Neither Elephants nor Donkeys are spared.

Unfortunately, unlike most poorly reviewed shows, this one isn’t closing.

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Afghan Killers and Klingons – PodKast

LK finds some eerie similarities between the fictional Klingons from Star Trek and the Afghan wretches who executed 10 civilian aid workers.

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