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LK Called Brown V. Chokeley, and Told Us Why

editors note: the following was posted by LK on 1/14, before Brown’s weekend surge, and his subsequent victory.  Additionally, going far beyond the simple outcome, LK gave us a clear picture of the psycho-dynamics of why it would happen, in a way found nowhere else in the old or new media.   Here’s the post, reprinted in its entirety.

Brown Wins “Kennedy Seat” Posted by LK on 1/14/10

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Don’t be surprised if you wake up next Wednesday morning to find the above headline gracing the Boston Globe, the NY Times, and the Wall St. Journal.

It’s been acknowledged by both parties that Coakley (D) was inept and Brown (R) in command during their recent debate.

What hasn’t been widely discussed is the possibility, which I believe is a probability, that a lot of Dems currently responding to polls along party lines are in fact going to pull the lever for Brown once the curtain’s drawn come election day. This would deny Democrats the 60th Senate vote they need for health care reform, as well as stymie a number of other initiatives that, at the very least, have most Americans, including Democrats, feeling confused, overwhelmed, and removed from the legislative process.

There’s both a conscious and unconscious desire for a little old fashioned gridlock, so that we can all catch our collective breath.

Ironically, the one thing that may save Coakley is the endorsement Brown recently received from the Tea Party Express. If that organization had kept its perceived extremist mouth shut Brown likely would have pulled in more moderate Dems and independents.

Nevertheless, I may just go online and look for a British bookie who’s willing to take a bet on the longshot.

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LK’s first warning on cell phone radiation was 6/17/08. Senators and Washington Post finally picking up the ball. Link to both to follow.

Transcript: Rahm, Kudlow: 2 Unlikely Peas In A Podkast

Editor’s note: for those of you who revel in the written word, here’s a transcript of today’s LK podcast:

This is LK of That’s Kannon, with a K.

I was all ready to follow up the first loosekannon podcast by continuing a methodical exposition of who I am. I was going to elaborate on my background in politics, music and the music biz, the economy, sports, and so on. I was going to slide in the ear candy bumper music and continue to paint as clear a picture as possible as to who you’re listening to. But that’ll have to wait.

It’ll happen, but we interrupt our regularly scheduled introductions to express our uncontainable ire at the nerve of both politicians and so called journalists, who are telling us that maybe, just maybe, the economy is starting to improve.

When Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff, crows that “we saved the economy” he might as well be spitting in the face of the almost 10% of Americans currently unemployed, and the additional 5-10% who are either underemployed, that is, working part time when they’d rather, and when they need to, work full time, or who have given up entirely, with their spirits crushed.

And when Larry Kudlow, CNBC’s free market little guy be damned squawking head, talks about his “mustard seeds”, he’s looking at the insular and self serving world of the stock market. Corporate profits may be improving slightly, but what Kudlow either fails to notice, or fails to mention, or both, is that the part of the American economy he’s myopically focused on applies to far fewer folks than it did 3, 13, or 23 years ago. Corporate profits may be slowly starting to improve, but they’re jumping over a bar that’s set way lower than it used to be, and corporate America will improve their bottom line by keeping labor costs to a minimum. How does this effect you? More Americans will remain out of work, and those working will work harder for the same wage, or a lower one. It won’t be a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

So when both the consigliore of a president so liberal that he’s accused of being a socialist, and a right wing, maniacal screamer feed us identical wheelbarrows of fertilizer, with each of them harboring agendas having less than nothing to do with telling us how things really stand, we have truly been abandoned, and we are truly on our own.

The Thursday morning weekly unemployment figures just came out. Only 554,000 enrollees!!! Fill up Yankee Stadium 11 times, give everyone pink slips, and then tell them we’re out of the woods!!!

Couldn’t be clearer. The politicians, supposedly our servants, are instead serving their own re-election needs, and the so called journalists are injecting steroids into the scrawny economic picture. Doesn’t matter if there are fewer haves, and more have nots, because Apple’s selling more iPhones, so all must be right with the world!!!

Try telling that to the 6 million plus who remain unemployed and the millions of others who have thrown in the towel. Unconscionable

This is LK, of, and that’s kannon with a K, wishing you good luck navigating these waters. Be well, and come back soon.

Blowing the Kannon’s Horn (from your humble editor)

editor’s intro note: we were already working on a post-election promo video whose theme is LK’s uncanny insights; events this site sees coming that the major media outlets (including that speedster Drudge) don’t pick up on until days or weeks after LK posts on them. The following example hit us over the head when we saw the lead piece on the front page of this morning’s NY Times.

from LK on October 30th:

“Obama wants to increase taxes on the top 5% of American earners. And if he’s elected, dollars to donuts says he’s going to delay that as long as we’re mired in the economic quicksand. He can’t change his position now, because middle class America needs a villain (the top 5%) as part of the incentive to vote for him.”

from LK on November 19th:

“If President-elect Obama wants to pick up the reins that W dropped, he’d announce that he plans to temporarily postpone the tax hikes he promised for the top 5% of American earners. Let the left of left wing bloggers howl all they want. He’ll be lauded for acknowledging that these extraordinarily dire economic times call for nimble and flexible thinking.”

and from today’s New York Times:

“In light of the downturn, Mr. Obama is also said to be reconsidering a key campaign pledge: his proposal to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. According to several people familiar with the discussions, he might instead let those tax cuts expire as scheduled in 2011, effectively delaying any tax increase while he gives his stimulus plan a chance to work.”

editor’s outro note: a bit more than a bit prescient, if you ask us. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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