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Expletive Deleted-6/7/12 “” PodKast

Hour 1-Tonight’s show might as well be titled “Expletive Deleted”. LK is steamed. Students pay banks 3 to 10 times the interest rate that banks themselves pay when they borrow from the Fed.

Hour 2-A homeless girl from NC gets into Harvard. LK is moved, and temporarily, his anger is quelled. The Democrats punish candor, and “Expletive Deleted” returns.

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Here Comes Obama’s Nervous Breakdown

IMHO: Obama will have a nervous breakdown if he has to president (a new verb) for another 4 years.  No joke.  We may not learn about it until after he leaves office in 2016 (should he win in November), but the man looks and sounds psychologically run down; like he’s running for re-election for reasons he himself doesn’t understand and/or accept.

To be continued…

Obama will have nervous breakd…

Obama will have nervous breakdown if he has to preside for another 4 years.We may not find out ’til he’s done, but he’s wasted.#Obreakdown

She passed the ultimate marshm…

She passed the ultimate marshmallow test:

Passing the ultimate marshmall…

Passing the ultimate marshmallow test:

Inhuman and inhumane acts are …

Inhuman and inhumane acts are increasing in ferocity and frequency. Basic needs must be met or Mad Max, here we come. #cannibal

Opportunity Knocks-5/30/12 “” PodKast

LK wants to thank his growing number of listeners for making last night’s show the #11 most listened to show via the internet nationally out of 90+ shows, according to Talk Stream Live.

Hour 1-LK laments the paucity of information one can rely on, then concludes that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we all paid greater attention to, and distilled what we could, from the media maelstrom.

Hour 2-With uncharacteristic optimism, LK posits that if Americans can hunker down, agree to disagree, and maintain a minimum standard of living and education for all of its citizens, we might emerge on top of the global heap.

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EU’s proposed banking union wo…

EU’s proposed banking union won’t work for German taxpayers. Leaders try to save flawed abstract concept (EU); forget about people.#Eurozone

Great that country has evolved…

Great that country has evolved & is choosing between a black man and a Mormon; just wish it was a different black man & different Mormon.

Chicago weekend violence reinf…

Chicago weekend violence reinforces rant last week re spending $$ on int’l summits while inner city and school system rot.#Chicago violence