Brown Wins “Kennedy Seat”

brownDon’t be surprised if you wake up next Wednesday morning to find the above headline gracing the Boston Globe, the NY Times, and the Wall St. Journal.

It’s been acknowledged by both parties that Coakley (D) was inept and Brown (R) in command during their recent debate.

What hasn’t been widely discussed is the possibility, which I believe is a probability, that a lot of Dems currently responding to polls along party lines are in fact going to pull the lever for Brown once the curtain’s drawn come election day. This would deny Democrats the 60th Senate vote they need for health care reform, as well as stymie a number of other initiatives that, at the very least, have most Americans, including Democrats, feeling confused, overwhelmed, and removed from the legislative process.

There’s both a conscious and unconscious desire for a little old fashioned gridlock, so that we can all catch our collective breath.

Ironically, the one thing that may save Coakley is the endorsement Brown recently received from the Tea Party Express. If that organization had kept its perceived extremist mouth shut Brown likely would have pulled in more moderate Dems and independents.

Nevertheless, I may just go online and look for a British bookie who’s willing to take a bet on the longshot.