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Dr. John’s Election Reflections

I learned three important things from the election:

 1.  Diane Sawyer is an alcoholic or doper…but probably just alcoholic. 

2.  Senator Colleen Lachowicz is a hard core gamer.

3.  You will be arrested if you get caught with pot in the two states that legalized it.

 Let’s start there.  Just cause you may live in Washington state or Colorado, doesn’t mean you can light a doob without fear of getting popped.  See, Federal law beats State law…kind of like Full House beats a Flush.  In a snarky, but cute statement, Gov. John Hickenlooper said,  “Federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly.” Couple that with the almost covert -lying-in-wait statement made by the Washington State LCB: “officials are waiting anxiously to find out what federal law enforcement authorities plan to do: They have been silent.”  The Justice Department says it is evaluating the measures., and if I were you, I’d continue cupping.

 On to the gamer Senator.  A World of Warcraft gamer vanquished her offline foe on Tuesday — capturing a Maine state Senate seat despite attacks on her online alter ego.  Democrat Colleen Lachowicz – known online as an Orc Assassin Rogue named “Santiaga” — defeated Republican Sen. Thomas Martin to win a seat representing Maine’s Senate District 25, the Bangor Daily News reported.  Republicans tried to bury her using the fact that she has a hobby that, I guess they figure is too bizarre for a government official.  That’s funny, seeing that many government officials hobbies are prostitution, and pedophilia.

And finally, Diane Sawyer. Headline: TV viewers wonder: Was ABC News’ Diane Sawyer drunk during Election Night live coverage? Propped up on her elbows and seeming to slur her speech, the normally straight-laced anchor rambled through her sentences, laughing and used exaggerated hand movements, prompting many to wonder if the ‘ABC World News’ anchor was drunk on live television.  I certainly hope so!  Imagine trying to dance through that bogus election coverage straight.  Besides, Sawyer’s a pro, so if she was drunk I’m betting it was on some seriously expensive Scotch whiskey. 

This is Dr. John for the Robbie Student Show. 


An Open Letter To Alex Jones

Dear Alex,

The alternative media, in which you’re a major player, and its credibility, are crucial if this wayward American ship is going to get back on course.  It’s vital that poorly researched and poorly proofed inaccuracies aren’t presented to the public as incontrovertible facts. One substantial mistake undoes a multitude of paradigm changing truths.

That’s why it pained me to hear you, on your Sunday (9/30/12) broadcast, recite an erroneous list of presidents and the number of Executive Orders each was responsible for.  A small part of that mistake laden list can be found here on one of your sites, reachable via a tab entitled “U.S News“.

Two more accurate snapshots, taken at different points in time, can be found here and here.  The first is from the Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index from the government itself (a link you yourself post alongside numbers that, oddly, don’t reflect the more authoritative link).  The second is from The American Presidency Project.

The incorrect statement you made both on-air, and in the graphic on your site referred to above, relating to President Reagan’s 5 Executive Orders versus Obama’s hundreds, may well have been obtained from Wikipedia, which states in a small font that its list is incomplete before listing 5 of President Reagan’s EO’s.  Reagan clearly had over 300, which was easily discoverable had someone checked a bit more thoroughly than a list that Wiki itself declared “incomplete”.

I’m no fan of the president, and have stated as much many times, in a number of different forums.  But I submit that the case against him (or against his opponent, for that matter) is hurt when blatant misstatements are hurled irresponsibly, as they can boomerang and impede the progress, traction, and credibility of the emerging new media.





A Rare, Heroic Video

US News and World Report posted a clip of an unnamed soldier filmed in northeast Afghanistan in which he was shot four times. The video, uploaded to YouTube as part of an ongoing documentation of the war, has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. How did I find out? Well, just after writing bit number 1, I went to refill my coffee and CNN was showing the clip.

 This young man was wearing a helmet cam, and returning fire, when he suddenly and repeatedly yells, “I’m hit,” as he was maneuvering to draw fire away from his team, which were pinned down. “The rest of the squad was pinned down by machine gun fire. I didn’t start the video until a few mins into the firefight for obvious reasons. I came out into the open to draw fire so my squad could get to safety,” he explains. Luckily, his body armor and helmet stopped any bullets from getting through.

This, we should watch. This, we should be privy to, and this should be front page news. You want violence, horror, shock, reality? But, it’s not in the Washington Post, or The NY Daily News – who chose to lead with Lindsay Lohan’s hotel spat. It’s not in the NY Times, or even the Huffington Post. In other words, you had to know it happened, or accidently see it like I did, and then go look for it.

This clip and accompanying story should be run daily in every news outlet until we get out of Afghanistan. This is ugliness with a point – that our young people are in a life and death struggle for absolutely no reason.

Nothing can be more important for us to realize, not even the live video of a suicide.



Shopping Unites

It’s sad, and at the same time kind of cool that the Iranian delegation – about 140 of them, are going bananas over being able to buy Tylenol and shoes. The Daily News reports “While President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leisurely relishes the Manhattan highlife, his Iranian underlings have been scouring the town for low prices — including cheap shoes.

Bargain-hunting members of the huge visiting delegation eagerly visited a Costco, a Payless shoe store, a Walgreens and a Duane Reade in recent days while hunting for discount products in short supply back home: Shampoo. Soap. Vitamins. Tylenol.”

Regular shoppers were freaked out, as one woman said, “The whole place is flooded with Iranians. And the security — it’s horrible.” Another feared that someone was going to throw a bomb. But after meeting and speaking with them, she just recognized them for what they are – “They were very nice people, especially the ladies,” she said. “When I said, ‘Where are you from?’ they said, ‘Persia.’ They didn’t want to say they were from Iran.”

The delegation insider said, “They’re having a good time here, especially the families. For them, it’s like a vacation.”

This is the part of sanctions we don’t get to see. We laugh at and consider sanctions as worthless, ineffective assaults, and for the upper echelon – they are. But the regular people – as is usually the case, suffer. Like these few lucky ones, the ability to actually buy aspirin and soap is a luxury. So, it can be said that sanctions don’t work, except to bring more suffering to an already suffering population. And who is listening to them? Surly not the president or the Ayatollah. Sanction all you want, they snicker…we are immune to your impositions. And that’s what they are for the big shots, not only in Iran but in all of the nation states we sanction and block trade with – impositions.

And so, for as long as the Iranian delegation is here, I say God bless Payless, Costco, and Walgreens. You are providing a short respite to another ugly, inhumane toll of the war mentality.


Calculated Humanity

“Imagine for a moment had there been no egoism, distrust, malicious behavior and dictatorships, with no one violating the rights of others, had humanitarian values been viewed as the criterion for social dignity in place of affluence and consumerism; had humanity not experienced the dark age of medieval period and centers of powers not hindered the flourishing of knowledge and constructive thoughts; had the wars of crusades ensuing period of slavery and colonialism not happened; and had the inheritors of these dark periods followed a course on the premises of humanitarian principles; had the First and Second World Wars in Europe, the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Africa, Latin America and in the Balkans not happened; If the tragic incident of September 11, and the military actions against Afghanistan and Iraq that left millions killed and homeless had not happened. If integrity and honesty have not prevailed on the international relations and all nations and government were treated equally and justly in the global effort to build and expand happiness for the entire mankind. Imagine how beautiful and pleasant our lives and how lovely the history of mankind would have been. Let us take a look at the world’s situation today.”

That is, verbatim, part of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN. And to me, way more scary than his usual hate – speak. This was classic schizophrenic manipulation. But why? What’s his rationale for coming across like he’s part of Amnesty International? Why did he decide to expose a part of himself that actually made him appear vulnerable? Or did he just snap for a moment under the spotlight? Whatever, it told just how truly crazy this man is. How incredibly serpentine he can be at any given moment. Only he knows why he shifted into peace mode yesterday, and given that he can’t understand what happened, let’s do another “imagine.” Imagine this man with a nuclear weapon. Imagine him having a bad day. Imagine him being nudged by Al Qaeda during his bad day with a nuclear weapon.

Theoris are being tossed around by the “pros” as to why Ahmadinejad went humane for a moment. Former Homeland Security Advisor, Fran Townsend, even suggested that he was attempting to make nice so that he can live here once he’s out of power and susceptible to the Ayatollah’s wrath, last night on CNN. Imagine Fran and Mahmoud as next door neighbors.



The Doctor Opines: Nature Vs. Nurture, Part 1

We sit and day after day as horror stories smack us in the face. I faded out last night to more news of the bus bombing in Bulgaria, followed by Norway’s new resolve not to allow their way of life to be changed by the Brevik massacre. Then, this morning, slugged again – this time with the Colorado Batman shootings.

I guess the first thing – well actually the second thing after the ,”Oh, my God!” response we feel and wonder is – why?  What takes a person to this place? Obviously, the psychological community has not found the answer, or else the escalation in violence we are witnessing would have been capped. But here is what we do know:

Studies show that 60% of psychopaths had lost a parent; as a child – was deprived of love by parents, belittled by them, and – probably the most telling – inconsistent discipline: if the father is stern and the mother is soft, the child learns to hate authority and manipulate mother. That’s the nurture part. As for the nature – inherited genetics, when a psychopath does inherit genetically-based, developmental disabilities, its is usually a stunted development of the higher functions of the brain. About 40% of psychopaths show abnormal brain wave patterns, or EEGs. (Studies quoted here are from the latest edition of the DSM, and a full bibliography will be found at the end of this piece).

Can we fix them?   No.   Shock treatment doesn’t work; drugs have not proven successful in treatment, and psychotherapy, which involves trust and a relationship with the therapist, is out of the question, because psychopaths are incapable of opening up to others. They don’t want to change.

I am, of course , making some assumptions, since we don’t have much on this guy’s background. For instance, I am not considering drugs, a recent tragedy or perceived wrong done to him, and delusions and hallucinations, usually the top common behaviors in a psychotic break. I will try to address those in my second piece, as LK and I had a long discussion this morning as to how we’re going to break this down.  He’s leaning towards the environmental ramifications.


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Here’s what went on in Afghanistan over the weekend. The Taliban killed a woman for having an affair. They did it in public, with a bunch of other mutts sitting on a hillside watching like some of us do here in America when we watch a road race. A guy pumped nine bullets into her, while another guy stood backup with what looks to be a Kalashnikov – the Taliban’s gun of choice. I guess he was there in case the woman was hiding a rock under her burka for self defense.

After that, those kooky Talibaniacs killed six of our guys – troops – by blowing them up while in their armored vehicle. Right. A homemade, hidden in the dirt device took out six of our troops by blowing up what is supposed to be a well protected HumVee , or other such truck. No wonder we can’t beat them. I want to know who builds our armored Hummer’s. I want to know if they use the same company and stuff used to bullet-proof the president’s limo, or if this too has been outsourced to India.

LK and I had a long talk this morning about the cost of these wars, in particular this most insane one in Afghanistan. Our debt is beyond payback level, and after reading the staggering REAL cost of that mess, we proceeded to darken one another’s morning to the point where each of us uttered, “Well..uh…I gotta go,” just to get off the phone.

But I want – again – to talk about the loss of our soldiers for no reason. Correct. No reason. We are not – by being over there, discouraging terrorism. See Iraq, where warlords and other scum re-bloomed about 12 minutes after we left. We are not going to change these animals into human beings.  I used to think, well – it’s a culture we just don’t understand, so how can I judge them? I was wrong. They are insane. They are the lowest form of life on the planet. Even grub worms don’t make the females of the species dress up like black band-aids.

What is this administration thinking? That we will turn these slime balls into – I don’t know – the French? That some day, we will see an Afghanistan where ex-terrorists sit sipping Starbucks at an outdoor cafe, then taking their women out for a stroll along the Kabul river before dinner at Ahmed’s Desert View Cuisine? Yes. It is that absurd. But take away my ridiculous sarcasm, and that is JUST what they are thinking – make them like us. It is not going to happen! Ever! Never!

Gandhi said, “Exploitation and domination of one nation over another can have no place in a world striving to put an end to all war.”

Make no mistake about it, we are trying to exploit and dominate the world. STOP IT!!!!

Angry Boys

  Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that almost 8% of adolescents experienced bursts of anger extreme enough to warrant a diagnosis of “intermittent explosive disorder,” an adolescent mental illness.

     According to a recent study, 1 in 12 teens cross the line between normal teen angst and explosive disorder.  Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that almost 8% of adolescents experienced bursts of anger extreme enough to warrant a diagnosis of “intermittent explosive disorder,” an adolescent mental illness.  Researchers say the results warn of a “highly prevalent and seriously impairing disorder,” according to the study, published Monday in the Archives of General Psychiatry.
     It’s also twice as common in boys, and nearly two-thirds of adolescents said that at some point in their life they had gotten so angry they destroyed things, threatened violence or became violent.  Now, some mental health experts are fighting against including anger – classifying it as a mental illness, and thus – not putting it into the new edition of the DSM. Why? Book getting too big? Who is lobbying against labeling this so psychiatrists and psychologists have a baseline of study and treatment at their disposal? The study’s author, Katie McLaughlin told CNN. “We know not that much about the course of the disorder,”"Which kids grow out of it and which kids don’t?”
     Kids grow up to be adolescents, and then adults. If we can track this, and possibly head it off before it becomes ingrained into a full blown personality disorder, maybe the vampires, family killers, school snipers, and legions of psychotics can be at least shaved down. There is no argument – no other side of the coin here that I can make out. Psychiatry is confidential in fact, so confidential it survives death. Records remain sealed, even after the patient’s death, so no one’s going to blab the diagnosis, and ruin the kid’s life…if that is the fear.
     We owe it to society, and certainly to the young kids who – for reasons none of us understand yet, have no clue as to what is going on inside their heads.

Kill War to Pay For Healthy Living

So, how does the Obamacare ruling effect me? The truth is, I have no idea, and I fear that most regular folks like me, don’t either. I mean, I know what it says – mostly, and I follow the penalty-fine thing, disguised as “tax,” and the ability to keep kids under and up to age 26 on parents healthcare. But, my kids work and have healthcare, and I am lucky enough to have healthcare under my wife’s work. I assume that policy will increase, and since my wife and sister actually own the small company, there is going to be a weird kind of paying myself with my own money thing probably going to happen.

Truthfully, I do not follow the complex in and out loopholes that I am sure are buried in there, because, for one…this thing doesn’t kick in until 2014, and really it depends on who at that time is controlling the government. Then, there is that confusing and potentially resistance movement by the states. Already, a few Republican governors have said they will not comply with this Federal law.

So, here I am. It’s 2012 – two years before the kick -in. I live in Jersey, and won’t know until after November who the bosses of my state are going to be. I could sit here and fuel my anxiety with what-if’s; what if my kid’s work policies are dropped? What if my wife’s business can’t afford the ASSUMED rise in cost?
So, as you can tell, I am clueless, but if all the stuff that can go bad – goes bad, I’m most likely going to do what the experts are predicting most Americans who get crushed are doing already, or going to do. I will pay the fine, and just not have health care. If something big hits me, I will go to the hospital and let the rest of the people who are able to pay massive premiums, pick up my tab.

By the way…if we are so worried about running out of cash to continue health care and benefits for the elderly, uhm…how about we walk away from Afghanistan…like right now? There’s your piggy bank, guys.

The Good Doctor’s Father’s Day Reflections

My Father’s Day event was just terrific. Yeah, I know I griped about the whole Father’s Day thing on here last week, but I gripe about anything I think doesn’t fit my twisted view on how things SHOULD be. Then, this or that thing actually comes my way and I realize that I’m a dope. And, this weekend only cemented that fact, as my newly blossoming family sat around and hung out all together in my honor. What? They all came over for me? What?

My wife and I sat smiling, as my son and his wife, and my daughter and her husband munched hot dogs and burgers and laughed and chatted. I said to my wonderful wife, “Look at our new family. This is cool.” And it was…very cool. Well, not cool like watching a group of sharks ripping up a swimmer cool. Cool like in sweet-cool.

I had become – seemingly overnight and without me realizing it, the capo d tutti capo of the Palumbo family. Almost. Pop is still alive. And although he lives in his own dementia dream world, factually he is still the boss of bosses. But that is all nonsense, cause I don’t want to be the boss of anything. The real smitten – Hallmark card moment – the one that hit me like a Nolan Ryan fast-ball to the noggin, was simply observing the movement of this life. Change, usually the thing that strikes terror into our Limbic systems, had gifted me with even more blessings than I already have been over-laden with. And there is more to come. Under the glass top umbrella covered table, and popping like a melon, was my son’s wife’s belly. Yep, I’m going to be a grandfather. Little Carlos Ruiz Palumbo (my name, not theirs) is scheduled to arrive sometime in October.

When everyone finally left, I spent the remainder of the evening chastising myself for being such a selfish, self serving, spoiled buffoon. A whiner. A childish child, childly looking at life to toss me the next entertaining thing I could be distracted by. Distracted! From this? From what only be described as a perfectly wonderful life?

If I believed in religion, I would seek out some priest or minister and ask him to send a message to God for me, apologizing for my ignorance and promising to do better. But, I don’t, so I will have to go directly to him – God, I mean, and prostrate myself. Just when you think you got it all figured out, here comes another lesson on how truly clueless you are.