Kannoneer Returns Fire on Ford Motors

We recently posted an article that ruffled a few feathers and solicited a response from Scott Monty in Global Digital Communications for Ford Motor Company.

The following was in response to the Kannon Fodder post “Superbowl Advertising – GM, Chrysler and Ford are missing the point”

We here at the Kannon Team would like to thank you for responding to our post – Ford is doing the right thing by monitoring influential blogs – kudos to you!

Yes, we will concede the point that Ford has yet to take bailout money – but the point about transparency in advertising is still valid – now is not the time for the same old hyperbole. Really, does anyone really believe this is my “last chance to save?”

And, yes your dealers are independent. The US has a broken system of dealerships – the US car manufacturers do not sell cars to people – they sell to dealers. And given the convoluted system of dealer hold-backs, incentives and behind the scenes bonuses – and the tradition of dealers mixing negotiations to extract the highest profit margin possible, it’s no wonder that people don’t trust the industry.

How about Ford be the first manufacturer to say enough is enough. Tell the world what you sold the car to the dealer for, and make transparent all the rest.

The dealers who embrace honesty will survive – those who continue to play games will fail.