OCare Immigrated To Supreme Docket Illegally-6/29/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

Hour 1

The OCare bill gained illegal entry onto the Supreme Court docket by presenting itself as Mr. Mandate. Roberts changed its papers to read Mr. Tax and stamped it approved. As Mr. Tax it couldn’t have gained entry to the dockets.  Search “tax anti-injunction act”.  If there was a court above the Supreme Court (“The Supremer Court”) it would strike down the ruling.

Here’s the breakdown:



According to the tax anti-injunction act, if the law is a tax it can’t yet be challenged, because the tax hasn’t yet been levied.

The law sneaked past the court’s border guards claiming to be a mandate.
But if the law’s a mandate it’s unconstitutional.
So its papers were altered to declare itself to be a tax.


LK looks, with a frighteningly lucid eye, at the incompetence, deceit, and potential anarchy that is revealed by the Obamacare battle. Since you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, that’s a productive but unsettling vantage point.



Hour 2

Where can you and I get one of those OCare exemptions the likes of which have been obtained by Micky D’s and the AARP? And what if we can’t bundle a few hundred grand? Dr. John notes the resurfacing of Tony Sausage.