Pelosi-Obama’s Biggest Impediment

My lack of regard for Speaker Pelosi has been chronicled here and in other posts on this site.

She’s a prime example of the Peter Principle, which, roughly stated, says that one rises to one’s level of incompetence. She suffers from the same lack of perspective that plagued Dan Quayle and plagues Sarah Palin: all three of them are so small-minded that they’re incapable of seeing their own limitations. So they all shamelessly go forth with an authority that would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Of course there’s a need for economic stimulus. No major insight there. Nancy, bloated with gumption following the end of the Bush era, crams every special interest allocation sitting on her desk into a bill labeled stimulus, and expects to get the Obama years off to a rousing bipartisan start. Doesn’t happen, and shouldn’t have.

The Big O knows that the Senate’s going to do some chopping, so he stands aside and bides his time. He doesn’t want intra-party squabbling, so he let’s the Senate cut Nancy’s bill down to size for him.

The fun starts when the House and Senate try to reconcile their disparate pieces of legislation. Does Ms. Pelosi, hack fundraiser disguised as distinguished statesperson, wake up and smell the pragmatism, or does she sabotage her own party’s leader because, he, for the sake of the American people, is spoiling her personal party?