Radio Is Selling For Pennies On The Dollars…

Kannon Fodder:

Radio is selling for pennies on the dollars, and only those thinking forward will survive…

We’re often reminded of the great quote accredited to Warren Buffet: “Picking up pennies in front of a steam roller is a lousy business plan.”

The Kannon Team has a great passion for Radio, and keeps it’s ear to the ground for trends in the industry. Here’s Mark Ramsey –- one heck of a smart radio guy’s — take on the current state of the industry:

“The world has changed. Overnight. If the problem is that over-the-air dollars translate to digital pennies, fix that problem. Don’t avoid it… That change will continue to roll over the radio industry and the “good old days” of exclusive ownership of the airwaves and exclusive ownership of radio channels and exclusive ownership of audio advertising and exclusive ownership of audience attention will never return.”

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