Robbie Called It


editor’s note: There are a million bloggers out there who write about the trending topics of the day, but how many of them see the trends and events coming well before they surface? ”Robbie Called It” chronicles a few of the many times when Robbie did just that.

#1 – THE STORY: When Johnny Comes Marching Home – 10/23/08

Sadly, the WSJ, in an article published on August 7, 2010 entitled “Vets Returning Home to Unfriendly Job Market“,  further confirmed what Robbie predicted almost 2 years earlier about the the unusually severe economic and emotional problems GI’s deployed overseas would find upon returning stateside.  This is one he wishes he had gotten wrong.


  1. Boston Globe notes“$10 million for veterans goes unused” - 8/18/09
  2. Fox News says “Veteran Students Pinched By Aid Delay” – 8/27/09
  3. San Francisco Chronicle runs a story on the failures of Veteran’s Affairs loans.  - 10/05/09

#2 – THE STORY: Ugly Unintended Consequences09/16/09

In his PodKast, Robbie said the following about Mark Williams, a Tea Party bigwig, while focusing on the unmistakable stench of racism that began to pervade the criticism of the President at the time:

And then CNN picked up the ball, and they’re running with it big time, featuring a Klansman type who forgot his hood named Mark Williams….. The unmitigated hatred for Obama flows out of this guy’s pores, and he’s a wily, clever bastard. On TV at least, he stays millimeters and milliseconds away from dropping his euphemisms and going straight to raw hate speech. On his web site he doesn’t bother holding back. Ugly stuff.

And he’s got plenty of followers. Under the guise of representing the working stiff, and that’s his description, “the working stiff who pays the bills”, he’s tapped into a whole bunch of folks who, especially now that their personal economic outlooks aren’t all that bright, are ripe for the picking.

Nearly a year later, Williams’ behavior caused even his fellow Party members to disown him.

#3 – THE STORY: Oil Math-BP’s Con Game – 06/05/10

LK ran the Oil Numbers, and deemed the BP fix a hoax. Days later, the NYTimes and Wall Street Journal limply followed suit.  Later still, the adjusted government estimate of oil spewing from the seabed matched Robbie’s gallon count, done a week earlier without the benefit of hi-def images or think tanks.

Listen to Robbie’s podkast:

  1. New York Times reports, “New Estimates Double Rate of Oil Flowing Into Gulf” – 6/11/10
  2. New York Times pens, “Rate of Oil Leak, Still Not Clear, Puts Doubt on BP” – 6/7/10
  3. Wall Street Journal writes, “The BP Oil Capture’s Fuzzy Math” – 6/08/10

#4 – THE STORY: Men Not To Be Trifled With – 12/07/09

Last December, Robbie got together with some mighty warriors for beer and pizza, and they came to the same conclusion as Hamid Karzai did six months later.

Seems like we could have saved lives, money, and time in Afghanistan by heeding Robbie’s council, and his counsel.

#5 – THE STORY: Israel Needs Britney’s Publicist-Redux – 5/31/10

Back in January 2009 Robbie knew that Israel had a problem with PR, 17 months before a blatant manifestation of that shortcoming came to pass.

And in July of 2010, 19 months after Robbie framed the question, Larry King (yikes, another LK) finally questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his country’s PR problem.  While we’re the first to admit that getting the jump on Larry King doesn’t require exceptional leaping ability, 19 months is 19 months.

#6 – THE STORY: Common Sense Fails At Justice Department – 02/27/10

LK brings the question of conflicts of interest within the Justice Department to his readers 10 days before the NY Times: “At the very least, current Justice Department personnel who recently defended detainees or terror suspects should recuse themselves from cases involving defendants similar to their former clients, if for no other reason than appearance’s sake.”

And more than a week later…

  1. New York Times reports, “Attacks on Detainee Lawyers Split Conservatives” – 3/9/10
  2. Wall Street Journal pens a remarkably similar piece: “The Case For Full Disclosure” – 3/13/10

#7 – THE STORY: Brown Wins “Kennedy Seat”01/14/10

LK posted this story on 1/14 before Scott Brown’s weekend surge, and his subsequent victory in Massachusetts.  Additionally, going far beyond the simple outcome, Robbie gave us a clear picture of the psycho-dynamics of why it would happen, in a way found nowhere else in the old or new media.

#8 – THE STORY: Cellular Disruption06/17/08


LK took on the lack of awareness about the dangers of cell phone use, saying “…within 25 years the use of cell phones placed directly against the  ear, as well as the proliferation of cell phone towers and the waves  they propagate, are going to be seen as a danger…”

And more than one YEAR later…

  1. Wall Street Journal reports, “Senate Panel Probes Possible Link Between Cell Phones, Cancer” - 9/14/09
  2. Fox News warns of “Cell Phone Danger” - 9/14/09
  3. Coast to Coast calls out “Cell Phone Hazards”  - 11/17/09
  4. San Francisco Chronicle reports SF Mayor “backs radiation labels on cell phones” – 12/15/09

#9 – THE STORY: Mission Not Accomplished8/20/09

LK tweets, “Premature celebration-Dem claims that economy is improving is like Bush and his ‘mission accomplished’.”

Again, MONTHS later…

  1. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman uses an entire article to make the same point. - 10/2/09
  2. Bloomberg reports that “Obama Gets ‘Incomplete’ …” -10/23/09
  3. Business Insider notes “… the White House is wisely still avoiding a “Mission Accomplished” moment.  But there’s still plenty of self back-patting….” - 10/30/09

#10 – THE STORY: What I Learned On Jury Duty – 9/11/09


Robbie delivers a series of Podkasts describing his recent jury duty experience in the Bronx where he takes aim at the court system.

MONTHS later…

  1. NY Daily News publishes an article on a state report which slams Bronx court system. - 11/5/09

#11 – THE STORY: The College is Killing The Country – 10/29/08

LK points out what the pundits are missing when they talk about the Electoral College: “…The Electoral College, once a protector of state’s rights, now threatens the existence of the nation it helped midwife. It’s having the increasingly insidious effect of pitting brother against brother…”

MONTHS later…

  1. New York Times runs commentary “Flunking the Electoral College” - 11/20/08
  2. CBS News says “Fix The Voting System Now” - 12/04/08
  3. NY Daily News opinion piece calls for abolishing the Electoral College, calling it “divisive. - 12/15/08

And there’s plenty more where these came from at