Senator To Investigate “Imbalance” Of Talk Radio

So, here’s the fodder:

Last week the Fodder team pointed out Mark Ramsey’s great radio blog – he just recently weighed into the Fairness Doctrine debate by pointing out this item from the Daily Digest of Talk radio:

“U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) told Dial-Global syndicated talker Bill Press during an interview on this morning’s (2/5) show that she and Senate colleagues plan to hold investigative hearings into what she termed the “structural imbalance” of political Talk radio…”

Of course, this all relates to Loose Kannon’s original piece concerning the Fairness Doctrine. Read his post here.

P.S. The Fodder team wants to mention the passing of one of the great talk radio hosts of all time. Radio giant and family friend “Chicago” Eddie Schwartz signed off this past week.