Dumbing Down Dumb

note from LK: today’s missive is from my comrade in arms The Falcon.  His no holds barred style combined with the acute insights that are at the root of his pieces make him one of the few guests who can’t outstay their welcome.

With all the rhetoric spewing about how America is bringing up the rear in the World academically, I was a tad perturbed today to learn that schools are falling like dominoes due to lack of funding.

So, we buy arms, supply God knows which insane countries with defense training, finance Blackwater and other secret Ops, keep the White House swimming pool filled and clean, and bail out…well, we all know all about bail outs!  Free cars, library, guards, gym privileges, parking in DC, etc., etc. for our so-called leaders.  And…a variety of wars that are proving to be un-winnable.

Add it up (if you can add).  Eventually, like in some frightening futuristic novel, America will be crawling with idiots.  But this may actually be good news, because everything will collapse and maybe then the lunatics who saw us as a lucrative Disneyworld, will take a look and say, “Na…let’s go after England instead.”

The Falcon, then, is supporting the closing down of all schools.  Shut em down!  Call in the militias to train our kids in AK47 breakdown and usage.  There will be no Wall Street, no TransUnion or other credit Nazis, no insurance companies, and no lawyers.  There will be no government to screw things up, since things will already be massively screwed.  We will be left to our own devices to survive.

Fire, water, and earth will become sacred, taking the place of the Lexus motorcar.  Basic shelter will override the Park Avenue penthouse, and country “getaways”.  Clans will surface according to ethnicity and common belief systems, and may well even support one another, as long as they don’t get in each other’s faces.  Then maybe, just maybe, a peaceful coexistence will ensue.

Paradise! That is, until someone decides we need religion.