Nobody’s Hiring-LK’s WOR BroadKast 6/3/11

The government can spin the numbers however they want to; today’s employment figures were just plain awful. On the positive side, John Edwards might, just might, spend some time in the hoosegow.  And we’re losing the war on drugs, while winning the war on reason.  But LK’s hanging in there, with the help of some intense therapy from Dr. John, Psy D.

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LK already had a father who micro-managed his behavior. He didn’t think that casting his ballot for Obama meant signing up for a second one.


LK already had a father who micro-managed his behavior. He didn’t think that casting his ballot for Obama meant signing up for a second one.

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LK Endorses Obama, But Not Through Rose Colored Glasses

Barack Obama isn’t a polished gem.

It’s not even clear yet that he’s a diamond in the rough.

What is clear is that this is one of those moments in history when chances have to be taken, when untested raw talent is preferable to a known entity whose best maverick days are far behind him.

McCain’s judgment, through his choice of an unqualified vice-presidential candidate, among other campaign miscues, has been shown to be impulsive and erratic.

His lack of understanding of the global economy, and how it’s intertwined with the fate of working (as well as unemployed) Americans, is more frightening than any movie that was available for rental on Halloween.

Perhaps most importantly, Obama is smart enough, and secure enough, to know what he doesn’t know, and to surround himself with world class, universally respected advisers to fill in the gaps. Not unlike what a top shelf CEO would do.

In contrast, the Dan Quayles and Sarah Palins of the world are so constricted mentally that they didn’t and don’t recognize how mentally constricted they are. Very dangerous. That McCain, who at one point seemed like a pretty savvy fellow, allowed the choice of someone he knew in his heart of hearts isn’t qualified to be veep, points to 4 more years of a rudderless ship. A Navy man should know that’s not a viable vessel.

Paul Volcker, Warren Buffet, and Colin Powell know a lot more about the economy, foreign policy, and military strategy than you or I do, and they’ve cast their ballots in the form of endorsements for Obama. McCain’s got the Verminator and Cheney. Enough said.

LooseKannon and endorse Barack Obama for President of the United States.

Turns Out She Cooked Her Own Goose

Received some additional info earlier today that goes a long way towards explaining why Hillary didn’t get the nod. In a phone chain that included one of the original Republican contenders for their nomination, it was made clear that the McCain camp has known for a while that Hillary does in fact have her eyes dead set on 2012, and will do as little a possible (while attempting to maintain her status within the Democratic party) during the upcoming campaign.

Given that she’s now made it clear that her tepid endorsement of Barack has given way to a full fledged desire to see him lose, he had no choice but to leave her off the ticket.

She covets the brass ring more than the well being of the country she claims to love. Very, very sad.

She cooked her own goose. I learned a thing or two as well.

Get Over It And Pick Hillary

I’ve met Michelle Obama.  She’s a brilliant person and a compelling speaker.  Reliable sources indicate that she’s not fond of Hillary Clinton.  So be it.

I’ve met major fund raisers for Obama.  They’re high minded enough to see the potential their candidate has to enact crucial policy changes that this country is in dire need of following the Dubya debacle.  They also don’t much care for Ms. Clinton, perhaps still nursing wounds from the primary season.

Then there’s the candidate himself.  I’ve met him too.  Yes, it’d be nice to have a running mate who didn’t come with a husband who wants to amend the constitution so that he can have a third term, and who herself wouldn’t mind a term or two, even if it came at Barack’s expense.  He’ll need a major league fly swatter in the west wing.  That’s what a chief of staff is for, among other things.

As the most recent polls have made all too clear, McCain seems to be dodging the Bush baggage.  This election is not going to be the cakewalk most pundits, politicians, and the public thought it would be a couple of months ago.

What we need is a transcendental pragmatist.  Obama needs to rise above the personal feelings he and those around him may have and put the good of the nation, and a democratic victory, first.  If he, his wife, and his supporters have to deal with Hillary in order to have a shot at the change he espouses, he’ll have to welcome aboard the change Hillary will bring to the ticket with her 18 million+ supporters.

Regular readers know I wasn’t a Hillary fan during the primary season.  But you do what you gotta do.

His first major test of leadership is whether he can rise to the occasion of putting himself in the position to win, because without winning, there isn’t going to be much change.

Who should be Barack Obama’s running mate?

Inflation, Delivered

An old, stale riddle goes something like this: “what does a New Yorker make for dinner?” and the answer is “a phone call.” The food, from any number of cuisines and nationalities, usually arrives within 30 minutes or less.

A Chinese meal that cost $26.85 last week costs $33.40 this week. Same joint, same items, same quality. That’s the base upon which the tip (which is discretionary), and the tax (which is not) is calculated. So the tax is higher, and the tip can be as well, unless, and nothing new here, it’s the folks on the bottom rung whose wages remain stagnant while prices rise.

Pull the calculator out and that comes to a ferocious bump of over 24%. From one week to the next. And the tax increase puts the out of pocket bump up more than that. The price of rice, which used to be thrown in as an accompanying afterthought, has skyrocketed for the restaurants (see chart below), and the gas that’s used to power the delivery vehicles, which around here are old and most likely inefficient cars, has taken a moon shot as well.

Weekly Price Chart For Rice

Which is going to lead me to order far less frequently, as the sticker shock was, well, shocking. I’m probably not the only one who’s going to react that way, so revenues for the restaurant won’t go up, and may well decrease.

This is a lose-lose situation for the consumer and the retailer. And Bush and McCain, in true Orwellian style, must believe that if they speak well of the economy frequently and vociferously, their blind conviction alone will make it so.

If this piece sounds a bit more sober and less flippant than the usual LK fare, it’s because there’s absolutely nothing funny about it. People are hurting and are going to continue to hurt.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Paul Volcker, the man who, as Federal Reserve chairman, put out the last inflationary fire, has endorsed and hopefully is advising Senator Obama, and together with the rest of Obama’s team had best come out with a painful but tolerable plan (as Volcker did in the early ’80’s) to right this extremely shaky ship.

It’s also been brought to my attention that the example used (delivered Chinese food) could be perceived as elitist and plays into the criticism that’s already been leveled at Senator Obama. He should use the price of gas, milk, and war as examples of the problem, which is what I’m sure he and his brain trust are planning to do.

And he still needs to come out with specific plans of action in order to garner the support of swing state voters , without whom his transformational visions have little chance of being realized.

Counting To 10….

It’s going to take a little while for me to reconcile the piece below with the smarmy and graceless speech Hillary just gave. There was some valid content, but there were also big problems with her tone and with what she left out: anything that would begin the healing.

She was like a robot who, although the landscape has changed, hasn’t yet been re-programmed.

Regardless of which candidate emerged the winner, this would have been a historic nomination. My educated guess is that, were the tables turned, Barack wouldn’t have rained on her parade.