Facebook Cry Babies-5/23/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

Hour 1-Cry babies are suing Facebook because they, as investors, didn’t do their due diligence.  LK notes that economic numbers that look good on the surface aren’t as thrilling without their make-up.

Hour 2-The Prez had smaller margins of victory than Mitt did in both of yesterday’s primaries.  And Vice President Everyman is polling even less favorably Darth Cheney did.

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/16/12 Show

In hour 1 of this morning’s show:

LK’s controversial take on the Marines who urinated on the dead bodies in Afghanistan: punish the puppeteers, not the puppets.

Speculation on Haley Barbour’s real reasons for pardoning hundreds of prisoners, including convicted murderers.

Football, as only LK and Dr. John can play it.

Leaders who rise because, and only because, they have more nerve and less humility and shame than the rest of us.

Hour 2 may have gone to hard drive heaven, but if it returns from the brink, we’ll post it as soon as it’s out of the ICU.

Enjoy hour 1:

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Urinating In Public

This is cold, politically way incorrect, and what I believe to be true:

If you take our armed forces, which are made up, to a shamefully disproportionate degree, of poorly educated service men and women who come from the lower economic rungs of our society, and put them in a living hell on a regular basis, they’re not going to extrapolate as to the geopolitical ramifications of pissing on guys who 5 minutes ago were trying to kill them and/or their buddies, and may well have succeeded to some degree.

They forgot their sensitivity training because it wasn’t nearly as convincing or intensive as the indoctrination they received to defend and attack,  which reinforced, then ultimately distorted their primal instincts for self-preservation.  The utterly foul Petri dish that Bush and Cheney dropped them into, and Obama and Clinton did nothing to extricate them from, was and remains a breeding ground for vile acts that human beings have committed on a regular basis throughout history.

If  you want justice, punish the puppeteers, not the puppets.

What We Can Learn From Michael Moore

Let’s put aside his grotesque bad taste and the insensitivity he displayed when he said “I was just thinking that, uh, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven — that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans on Day One of the Republican Convention in the Twin Cities at the top of the Mississippi River.”

Let’s also put aside his poor strategic analysis of the situation, because, in fact, the schedule alterations caused by the oncoming storm gave the Republicans a convenient excuse to keep Bush and Cheney away from the convention, which saves them the embarrassment of having Bush and Cheney at the convention.

So Moore reveals himself as another extremely talented pompous show-biz windbag whose viewpoints many Dems and Libs agree with, including, much of the time, myself.

The lesson to be learned is a bi-partisan, apolitical one:

Make no one an icon, your incontrovertible and consistent purveyor of the truth. Let no one think for you, and let no one speak for you. By all means, as with Moore, enjoy their mastery of their craft, and the deftness with which they can make points with which you might concur.

But don’t ever put them on a pedestal. They may be too narcissistic to realize or admit it, but they’ll fall. And if you’re worshiping at their alter, they’ll fall on you.

The LK Manifesto, Part 1

I’m dismayed by a populace that sees adapting to a changing environment as flip-flopping. Using a Darwinian train of thought, if we hadn’t flip-flopped, we wouldn’t be here now. We’ve become so used to politicians who drift where the wind blows, and/or aren’t mentally agile enough to think on their feet, that when one does, they’re accused of wavering. This is only compounded by our current president, who, if one is to be judged by one’s actions and words, can’t much think at all.

It’s depressing.

As I’ve written previously “it’s going to take dismissing … polarizing categories of thought in order for us to get back on track with the expediency that’s necessary”.

Therefore, I hold these truths to be self-evident, and not mutually exclusive:

Barack Obama, although by no means ideal, is this country’s best hope for improving our individual daily lives and our nation’s relationship with the rest of the world.

If anything, the Christian Right should be the most tolerant folks around, and yet they are the epitome of “my way or the highway”. If you’re a Bible believer, we’re all sinners, we’re all imperfect, and the candidates, none of whom are members of the Holy Trinity, are no exception. Why Dr. Dobson gets apoplectic in the face of Obama’s carefully considered modulations is inexplicable, and would be inexcusable if he and we weren’t directed to turn the other cheek while reminding ourselves that no one is beyond redemption. If he’s secure in the knowledge that his God is both just and vengeful, he should simply take comfort in knowing that pro-choicers (to take one contentious issue) will meet their fate in due time, and realize that he’s being a bit presumptuous giving them hell on earth. That’s not his job, although I’m sure his staff can dig up a line of scripture making it clear that it is.

John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., is a brilliant man and a gifted strategist. He is also, by all accounts, an ethical and forthright fellow. I don’t agree with every conclusion he reaches, but his input should be sought by whichever party wins control of the White House.

Big oil is not the big problem. Their profit margin is less than most businesses; they do such a large dollar volume that they appear to be far more greedy and prosperous than they are. Except for Dick Cheney and those of his cronies who were cut from the Jeff Skilling cloth. Way back when, big oil had to take on the risk of drilling when they didn’t know if the well was going to be dry or a gusher. America has always rewarded and been rewarded for risk taking. When did that change?

Another energy related problem is the NIMBY (not in my backyard) crowd. Years ago, Texans and Louisianans were willing to alter the land and seascape if it meant energy independence. And the nation flourished. The Hyanisport and Malibu elites can’t have it both ways. Spouting bright green doctrine while claiming a privileged exemption to wind farms destroys their credibility, and cripples the pace of progress towards national energy independence.

To be continued.

D.C. Power Outage?

Heard a snippet of news concerning a partial blackout in Washington D.C. It’s probably not widespread enough, nor will it last long enough, to do some real damage, which, paradoxically, might also do a world of good.

A few quick observations:

1. With any luck, the mint was in the outage zone so that, temporarily at least, it could stop churning out dollars that dilute the value of the ones you’ve got in your wallet.

2. Like a socket with no juice flowing to or through it, Washington exudes the appearance of power, yet is impotent.

3. With traffic lights out, gridlock ensued, drivers had the keen insight to turn off their engines, and the national demand for gasoline diminished just a bit, thereby causing a dip in the price of oil.

4. Hopefully the massive, steel-reinforced concrete doors that seal Cheney’s bunker have no backup generator, and he was tucked in for the night and still sleeping soundly when the bunker went off the grid.

Offbeat K-Shots

Feeling a little frisky before yet another Super Tuesday:

1. Mrs. Clinton’s drive goes beyond her belief that she and she alone has the ability to run the country while (to use the NASCAR lingo she’s picked up in an awful hurry) pulling us out of a wicked Bushian skid before we collectively hit the wall. There’s something maniacal about her ambition, and the feeling I get watching her otherwise admirable energy is less Energizer Bunny than Manchurian Candidate.

2. When speaking about McCain, whether it’s disgruntled conservatives or hostile democrats doing the speaking, I haven’t heard anyone not use the now obligatory and well-earned phrases “great war hero, great American, respect him as a stand up guy, etc.”, prior to slamming him. I also haven’t heard him speak without overusing the phrase “my friends”, which sounds more like a plea than an expression of secure camaraderie. To be coldly realistic, the Republican veep nominee had damn well better be able to handle the presidency, because, through no fault of his own, McCain is beginning to sound a little like Reagan after the Gipper’s second term was over.

3. Obama may be on the way to Wrighting, er, righting his ship. The question that remains is this: can he bail water fast enough to catch some wind in his sails before the treasure’s been found? He and his team were slower on the uptake than a third string quarterback picking up a blitz.

Yes I’m supporting Obama. That doesn’t mean I’m blind to what can be improved. In order not to forget the past in order to learn from it, one has to first see the past clearly. Putting on blinders is a Bush/Cheney pastime, and not only haven’t they learned from their mistakes, they seem to take a sick pleasure from repeating them with ever greater intensity.

So please don’t call me out for what I hope is constructive criticism. Toeing any party line is counter-productive when said party loses its way.