I was asked to produce a track for the band 99 Power about the Occupy Movement.  Right.  Exactly what I wanted to do, since everyone in the free world who has even sniffed a guitar is making Occupy songs.  But, this was asked of me by someone near and dear…plus, now he owes me.

Anyway, when I got the rough track of the song, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a folksy whiner.  The band even suggested I make it rock and roll!  “Yahoo,” said me.  Well, the thing came out tough, and angry, and gutsy.  The band even managed to lyrically deliver the much maligned point of the Occupiers, demanding to know:


Very cool, and maybe 99 Power have given the Movement an anthem.

Here are the video, the music track, and the lyrics:

Note from Cheyenne Picardo, the video editor: “My gratitude goes out to all of the protestors, artists, animators, documentarians, and other people who have created the content from which this piece is derived. In making this piece, I tried to pay respectful homage to the global video conversation that is so effectively saturating the Internet. Please feel free to post links to your work in their entirety in the comments section. We’re all in this together. Thank you!”


Recorded by 99 POWER    Words & Music by James Mee

Who—do—- you— think you’re foolin’?
. . . Do—you—- think you’re foolin’?
Who— do—you—- think you’re foolin’?
. . . Do— you— think you’re foolin’?

Took my job, sent it overseas
Took my house away from me
Savings spent, I’m scrapin’ by
Got caught believin’ in a Wall Street lie

Down-sized is what they call me
Sittin’ here with my college degree
I can’t afford a cup’a Joe
I know what happened, we all know

Who— do—you—- think you’re foolin’?
. . . Do— you— think you’re foolin’?
Who— do—you—- think you’re foolin’?
. . . Do— you— think you’re foolin’?

You stole my life, made a fool of me
Without so much as an apology
I’m livin’ on a wing and a prayer
My shop’s closed down, I got no healthcare

Anger reigns, I still believe
In the things my father taught me
“A man’s as good as his word,” he said
Congress went and kicked me in the head!

Who—do—you—think you’re foolin’? . . .
Do—you—think you’re foolin’?
Who—do—you—think you’re foolin’
Do—you—think you’re foolin’?
Who—do—you think you’re foolin’
Do— you— think you’re foolin’

You stabbed my heart, made me scream,
with the broken pieces of the American dream

Copyright 2011 Metrostar Music
c/o Publishers’ Licensing Corporation
P.O. Box 5807, Englewood, NJ 07631



Kannon Fodder:

The news media is a buzz with the word bipartisan – lots of finger pointing and pledges, but the same old Washington.

Example: here’s a post in the USA Today – excerpt:

“It was just one vote in the early days of a new Congress and a new presidency, but it was hard not to see Wednesday’s big zero — not one of 177 House Republicans supported the economic stimulus bill — as an ominous sign that Washington is still stuck in the bitterly polarized politics that has blocked progress on big issues for years.”