Opportunity Knocks-5/30/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

LK wants to thank his growing number of listeners for making last night’s show the #11 most listened to show via the internet nationally out of 90+ shows, according to Talk Stream Live.

Hour 1-LK laments the paucity of information one can rely on, then concludes that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we all paid greater attention to, and distilled what we could, from the media maelstrom.

Hour 2-With uncharacteristic optimism, LK posits that if Americans can hunker down, agree to disagree, and maintain a minimum standard of living and education for all of its citizens, we might emerge on top of the global heap.

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Giving Thanks?

rockwellemptyHelp me out here.

Should I be thankful because, despite almost one quarter of all mortgage holders being underwater, and 17 million American households having trouble putting food on the table during the past year, consumer confidence came in up this morning?

Should I be thankful that the current unemployment rate of 10+%, as well as the underemployment rate of 17+% are probably lower than they’re going to be 6 months from now, so there’s still some time to prepare for whatever civil insurrection might arise from an increasingly disgruntled populace?

Should I be thankful that New York has 3 brand spanking new sports stadiums, with exceptionally plush luxury boxes, even though school and nursing home budgets are being slashed?

Should I be thankful that Wall Street bonuses are going to be up big this Xmas, and, because trickle down economics never fails,  real estate brokers, supers, handymen, janitors, and high end strip joint employees can breathe a little easier?

Should I be thankful that I’m still a productive part of a functioning, but far smaller economy, and that my sense of obligation to my fellow man can be kept at bay by making a small donation to charity, or by giving a buck out now and then to a homeless person out on the street?

Should I be thankful that military casualties in Afghanistan are occurring with less frequency than they did in the heat of the Iraqi conflict?

And hot off the presses, should I be thankful that the Fed sees the economy improving, even though they don’t see job growth for a while?  And should I be thankful that we must certainly be in the clear (except for those pesky unemployed citizens), since the Fed has been consistently on the mark in all their past projections and policies?

Finally, should I be thankful that our collective conscience isn’t lacking more than it already is?

Just asking.