Expletive Deleted-6/7/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

Hour 1-Tonight’s show might as well be titled “Expletive Deleted”. LK is steamed. Students pay banks 3 to 10 times the interest rate that banks themselves pay when they borrow from the Fed.

Hour 2-A homeless girl from NC gets into Harvard. LK is moved, and temporarily, his anger is quelled. The Democrats punish candor, and “Expletive Deleted” returns.

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Cory Booker for President-5/21/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

Hour 1-Cory Booker for President.  LK understands (but wishes he didn’t) why the Democrats are stifling candor wherever it rears its beautiful head.  Senator Mike Lee (R) should have imposed a bit more fiscal discipline on himself.

Hour 2-An nation’s ally is no longer one that shares essential values.  In 2012, an ally is whoever gets paid the most, and the duration of the ally’s loyalty is the duration of the payment flow.


Hour 1

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