LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 3/5/12 Show

Before getting started, LK wants to thank you for putting the show in or near the top 10 shows nation-wide for its entire duration on this morning.  It’s much appreciated.

On today’s show, LK:

De-mystifies the Greek debt debacle and makes it clear that the Credit Default Swap mess that threatens to bring down Europe and played a big part in bringing down Lehman Brothers is nothing but a bunch of bookies/bankers who can’t pay off winning bets.  For once, it’s the bookies/bankers who need their knees broken.

Points out that the Chinese are cleaning our clocks in a way that’s eerily similar to how we brought down the Soviet Union in the ’80′s.

Suggests that no one give up a job they hate in search of greener pastures just yet (don’t stop looking, just don’t give up the bird in the hand), because it’s a misconception to believe that the better economic numbers mean that the coast is clear.

Chastises the NFL players, disses Santorum (like shooting fish in a barrel of contraceptives), takes 30 seconds instead of the 2 full shows it takes other hosts to reconcile the rush from Rush, and declares the Republican quest for the nomination close to a done deal for Romney now that Ted Nugent’s endorsed him.  Cat Scratch Fever, Mitt’s new campaign theme song.

Talks with Dr. John Palumbo about the folly of Afghanistan and the pursuit of inner peace.

Have a ball.

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