Congressional Oversight Panel says the government overpaid

Kannon Fodder

No surprise here – “The Congressional Oversight Panel says the government overpaid”

Elizabeth Warren, the head of the oversight panel called the process “… an opaque process at best.”

(Warning! Incoming Sarcasm) Who could have seen this coming?

The Kannon did – read his October post:

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Radio Is Selling For Pennies On The Dollars…

Kannon Fodder:

Radio is selling for pennies on the dollars, and only those thinking forward will survive…

We’re often reminded of the great quote accredited to Warren Buffet: “Picking up pennies in front of a steam roller is a lousy business plan.”

The Kannon Team has a great passion for Radio, and keeps it’s ear to the ground for trends in the industry. Here’s Mark Ramsey –- one heck of a smart radio guy’s — take on the current state of the industry:

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Kannoneer Returns Fire on Ford Motors

We recently posted an article that ruffled a few feathers and solicited a response from Scott Monty in Global Digital Communications for Ford Motor Company.

The following was in response to the Kannon Fodder post “Superbowl Advertising – GM, Chrysler and Ford are missing the point”

We here at the Kannon Team would like to thank you for responding to our post – Ford is doing the right thing by monitoring influential blogs – kudos to you!

Yes, we will concede the point that Ford has yet to take bailout money – but the point about transparency in advertising is still valid – now is not the time for the same old hyperbole. Really, does anyone really believe this is my “last chance to save?”

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Kannon Fodder: Someone’s Hand Caught In The Public Purse

editor’s note: with this post we continue a new feature entitled “Kannon Fodder” in which the Loose Kannon Editorial Board, also known as the Kannoneers, present items we deem worthy of bringing to the attention of both Loose Kannon and you, our valued readers.

This one caught our attention:

In today’s New York Time Editorial page, an Editorial titled “It’s Not Their Money” – here’s an excerpt: “The entire financial industry must be made to understand that the billions it has gotten from the public purse are not a reward for the havoc it wreaked on the financial system and the lives of so many Americans… The banking rescue package was meant to serve the American economy. It’s not the bankers’ money. ”