LK Twist-Waste of Time

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According to this morning’s Wall Street Journal the “number of man hours an organization devotes to winning the Super Bowl” is one million.

The number of man hours this nation spends, every week, watching tone deaf people attempt to sing is in the tens of millions.


And we wonder why our economy is faltering and our educational standing in the world is sinking like a stone.

Are we ready for Economic Darwinism?

Kannon Fodder:

“…what America is living through now is a drastic and high-speed wave of Darwinism that reaches every corner of the economy and financial system. We’re on failure overload – which is why this all feels so frightening and why markets remain in disarray.  … more failure that the economy must digest, when it’s already choking on the first huge lot of it in this recession.”

Tom Petruno points this out in an op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun.

The Chinese New Year: Their economy is broke

Kannon Fodder:

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, here’s something that caught our eye in the UK Times Online: A couple of quotes: “Even before the global financial crisis, those in absolute poverty (earning less than US$1 a day) doubled in China over the past decade… The general economic outlook is so dire that the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, has increasingly issued warnings about the possibility of political and social collapse.” The subtitle of the article says it all: “Beijing’s “authoritarian capitalist” model has gone as far as it can. Chaos, corruption and indecision have been ignored.”
Times Online

Kannon Fodder: Someone’s Hand Caught In The Public Purse

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This one caught our attention:

In today’s New York Time Editorial page, an Editorial titled “It’s Not Their Money” – here’s an excerpt: “The entire financial industry must be made to understand that the billions it has gotten from the public purse are not a reward for the havoc it wreaked on the financial system and the lives of so many Americans… The banking rescue package was meant to serve the American economy. It’s not the bankers’ money. ”

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