Facebook Cry Babies-5/23/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

Hour 1-Cry babies are suing Facebook because they, as investors, didn’t do their due diligence.  LK notes that economic numbers that look good on the surface aren’t as thrilling without their make-up.

Hour 2-The Prez had smaller margins of victory than Mitt did in both of yesterday’s primaries.  And Vice President Everyman is polling even less favorably Darth Cheney did.

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Mad Max Visits Egypt

It may not be post-apocalyptic, but Egypt’s social disarray is fast approaching the chaos of the land of the Thunderdome.

A people can’t be pacified once food and fuel become so expensive that there might as well be critical shortages of both of them.

They can no longer be pacified if the hardships of 20%+ unemployment aren’t sufficiently mollified by the state.

Once they shake off the effects of their own Valium like inertia, they find out they have power, and for that, hats off to the success of the rebels of Tunisia, hats off to Twitter, and hats off to, gulp, Mark Zukerberg.

When it becomes too obvious to too many that some citizens live like pharaohs while others go dumpster diving for dinner, what ensues is fury that, in this case, turns into anarchy.  Armed property owners organizing to defend what’s theirs versus utterly disenfranchised homo sapiens who can ride motorbikes and swing machetes.

It’s not clear what’s worse: prisoners who have escaped physical incarceration, or prisoners attempting to escape their own mental, and, until recently, unrealized self-incarceration.

And let’s not forget a dictator playing pretend President in a sham democracy who, paradoxically, keeps a lid on the mid-east cauldron.  We support Mubarak because he gives the Israelis one less neighbor to worry a little less about (which, taken alone, isn’t a bad thing), and we give him and his military billions of dollars because in truth, we value our security and his airspace more than we value the liberty of his people, because they’re not us.

President after President, regardless of party, spew pablum about fostering global democracy.  If nothing else, we can thank the Egyptian people for putting that lie to rest.

And after we thank them, we can ask them about the Muslim Brotherhood…..

-to be continued-