Here’s what went on in Afghanistan over the weekend. The Taliban killed a woman for having an affair. They did it in public, with a bunch of other mutts sitting on a hillside watching like some of us do here in America when we watch a road race. A guy pumped nine bullets into her, while another guy stood backup with what looks to be a Kalashnikov – the Taliban’s gun of choice. I guess he was there in case the woman was hiding a rock under her burka for self defense.

After that, those kooky Talibaniacs killed six of our guys – troops – by blowing them up while in their armored vehicle. Right. A homemade, hidden in the dirt device took out six of our troops by blowing up what is supposed to be a well protected HumVee , or other such truck. No wonder we can’t beat them. I want to know who builds our armored Hummer’s. I want to know if they use the same company and stuff used to bullet-proof the president’s limo, or if this too has been outsourced to India.

LK and I had a long talk this morning about the cost of these wars, in particular this most insane one in Afghanistan. Our debt is beyond payback level, and after reading the staggering REAL cost of that mess, we proceeded to darken one another’s morning to the point where each of us uttered, “Well..uh…I gotta go,” just to get off the phone.

But I want – again – to talk about the loss of our soldiers for no reason. Correct. No reason. We are not – by being over there, discouraging terrorism. See Iraq, where warlords and other scum re-bloomed about 12 minutes after we left. We are not going to change these animals into human beings.  I used to think, well – it’s a culture we just don’t understand, so how can I judge them? I was wrong. They are insane. They are the lowest form of life on the planet. Even grub worms don’t make the females of the species dress up like black band-aids.

What is this administration thinking? That we will turn these slime balls into – I don’t know – the French? That some day, we will see an Afghanistan where ex-terrorists sit sipping Starbucks at an outdoor cafe, then taking their women out for a stroll along the Kabul river before dinner at Ahmed’s Desert View Cuisine? Yes. It is that absurd. But take away my ridiculous sarcasm, and that is JUST what they are thinking – make them like us. It is not going to happen! Ever! Never!

Gandhi said, “Exploitation and domination of one nation over another can have no place in a world striving to put an end to all war.”

Make no mistake about it, we are trying to exploit and dominate the world. STOP IT!!!!