Time To Unscramble The Egg

Kennedy passed the torch. Michelle brought the crowd to tears. Hillary stepped up. Bill even said some things that Hillary…forgot (“he’s ready to lead”). Biden broke the ice in breaking down McCain.

No doubt Barack’s going to work the crowd into a frenzy tonight, preaching to an 80,000 member choir.

Whether any of the above makes a difference is going to rest on whether Obama and crew can, in clear and simple language, tell us all what he’s going to do to unscramble the rancid egg Dubya and his thugs left in the pan. He can talk all he wants to about fixing the economy, health care for all, ending the Iraqi debacle, improving world relations, reducing dependence on foreign oil, alternative energy, and on and on and on.

It’s not going to matter if he can’t tell the undecideds how he’s going to do it. Platitudes have to yield to particulars. And don’t refer the voters to the pages and pages of policy wonk positions on his web site. Don’t dumb it down, just make it clear.

Until that happens it’s going to seem like Obama and company are traipsing down the road of good intentions without a clue of how to reach those laudable goals. It’s all well and good that he and his family are the ultimate embodiment of the American dream. But folks are not going to identify with him until he speaks to them directly and coherently about the specific steps he’s going to take to make their lives better, steps that will clear the fog that surrounds and blurs the hope they have left.

Time to communicate the recipe: ingredients, measurements and all, and not just breathlessly describe the dish like an overeager waiter listing the specials in an upscale restaurant.

If the example sounds elitist, it’s intentional. If he wants to shed that label he’s got to tell us all how he’s going to whip up one fine blue plate special.

LK Changes Course

As a result of Obama’s recent comments on Iraq, in which he demonstrated an ability to think on his feet and remain flexible based on new input, he’s been accused of waffling. This has intensified a line of thought that’s been gnawing at me as I’ve traveled around the country these past few months and seen the transformational mess that can be laid squarely at the feet of the Bush administration.

Operating under the erroneous belief that it’s desirable to appear unwavering, and to strictly adhere to one set of party platform positions, leaves us all wearing blinders we’re often not aware we’ve got on. It’s also leading me to change my approach to LK, with the current slogan soon yielding to a new one:
“Don’t cross party lines, erase them”.

It’s going to take adopting strategies from the left, center, and right to steady this ship. In fact, it’s going to take dismissing those polarizing categories of thought in order for us to get back on track with the expediency that’s necessary.

Examples of this liberating and hopefully productive frame of mind will be evident in future posts.

P.S Speaking of Obama and the statements that led to the Barack uproar of the week, the below is from the AP:

ST. LOUIS (July 5) – Barack Obama celebrated “active faith” as an obligation of religious Americans and a chief agent of societal change while speaking Saturday to a nearly all-black roomful of churchgoers, but hoping to reach far beyond them.
Earlier in the day as he flew from Montana to Missouri, Obama told reporters he was surprised at how the media has “finely calibrated” his recent words on Iraq, and reaffirmed his commitment to ending the war if elected.

He said he was perplexed that his statement on Iraq was dissected as it was.

“I was a little puzzled by the frenzy that I set off by what I thought was a pretty innocuous statement,” he said. “I am absolutely committed to ending the war.”

On Thursday in North Dakota, Obama said that “I’ll … continue to refine my policy” on Iraq after an upcoming trip there. With a promise to end the war the central premise of his candidacy, the Obama campaign has struggled over the past two days to push back against Republicans and others who say his recent statement could be a softening or change in policy.

Obama has always said his promise to end the war would require consultations with military commanders and, possibly, flexibility.

“The tactics of how we ensure our troops are safe as we pull out, how we execute the withdrawal, those are things that are all based on facts and conditions,” he said. “I am not somebody — unlike George Bush — who is willing to ignore facts on the basis of my preconceived notions.”

World’s Gone Wild

Money that should be used to assist unwitting victims of predatory lending is instead going, with unclear legal status, to bail out brokerage houses and the bovine blowhards that ran them. Into the ground. McCain and Hillary chortle behind closed doors as the populace is distracted by Obama’s pastor. Obama , whose foresight has been 20/20 nearly everywhere else, displays a longstanding and possibly lethal blind spot. Bush and McCain invoke the spirits of both Orwell and the naked Emperor by declaring with bully pulpit certainty that things that are undeniably evident (like, say, instability in Iraq) are in fact not there, and things nowhere to be found (like, say, gradual stabilization in Iraq) are staring us in the face.

Up is down and down is up and black is white and white is black and no one with a Doctorate in Glib writing on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal or The New York Times should convince a sane citizen otherwise. There’s a case to be made here for not paying taxes, as the government collecting them is shedding legitimacy like a snake sheds skin. It’s times like this that make me wish I had gone to law school, so I could puzzle out the constitutional grounds for refusing to fund lunacy.