OCare Immigrated To Supreme Docket Illegally-6/29/12 “WOR710.com” PodKast

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The OCare bill gained illegal entry onto the Supreme Court docket by presenting itself as Mr. Mandate. Roberts changed its papers to read Mr. Tax and stamped it approved. As Mr. Tax it couldn’t have gained entry to the dockets.  Search “tax anti-injunction act”.  If there was a court above the Supreme Court (“The Supremer Court”) it would strike down the ruling.

Here’s the breakdown:



According to the tax anti-injunction act, if the law is a tax it can’t yet be challenged, because the tax hasn’t yet been levied.

The law sneaked past the court’s border guards claiming to be a mandate.
But if the law’s a mandate it’s unconstitutional.
So its papers were altered to declare itself to be a tax.


LK looks, with a frighteningly lucid eye, at the incompetence, deceit, and potential anarchy that is revealed by the Obamacare battle. Since you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, that’s a productive but unsettling vantage point.



Hour 2

Where can you and I get one of those OCare exemptions the likes of which have been obtained by Micky D’s and the AARP? And what if we can’t bundle a few hundred grand? Dr. John notes the resurfacing of Tony Sausage.


Kannon Returns Fire: Pinker’s Times Op-Ed

I hadn’t seen the Times Op-Ed piece referred to in the Kannon Fodder segment below until well after I posted mine, as The Times piece was published a day later. Now that I’ve read it it’s no wonder why the Times is losing readership and revenue. It goes well beyond diminished corporate advertising budgets.

I submit that Professor Pinker, who is clearly, based on the brief bio at the end of his article, a scholarly fellow with a IQ well above my own, should have leaned more on his psychological chops than his grammatical chops in critiquing the Chief In-Justice’s marble mouthed recitation of the oath of office.

While his formal analysis of both the wording of the oath and In-Justice Roberts’ fastidious attention to verbal detail may be correct in every formal sense, it’s a big yawn to a substantial majority of the people, will be glossed over by the people, was written for a few academic high brows and not for the people, and shall perish (except in the Times’ archives) in short order from the Earth.

My apologies to Abraham Lincoln for taking grotesque liberties with the last line of the Gettysburg Address, but it was his Bible.

The Inauguration-Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking

In no particular order:

1. Chief Justice Roberts was clearly, consciously or not, bearing a grudge when he swore in the new President. He’d probably rather have sworn at him. Obama opposed confirming Roberts during the Senate hearings in ’05. Roberts, rather than feeding the President conventional, easily digestible sound bytes (think “I pledge allegiance……..to the flag……..”), initially gave him a long and awkwardly worded phrase that the Chief Justice himself had trouble repeating when called upon to do so. The Harvard righty tried to sneak a curve ball by the Harvard lefty. The lefty didn’t swing. Ball one.

2. Not surprisingly, after Obama, quoting Scripture, implored us as a nation to “put aside childish things”, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Obama “botched the oath”. This while Rush was playing with his rattle, sterilizing his pacifier, which spends way too much time out of his mouth, and was otherwise obsessing on things childish. Sooner or later his listeners will wise up to the fact that he’s a great entertainer, not a provider of information or opinion that’s going to lead to better lives for them.

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