Cory Booker for President-5/21/12 “” PodKast

Hour 1-Cory Booker for President.  LK understands (but wishes he didn’t) why the Democrats are stifling candor wherever it rears its beautiful head.  Senator Mike Lee (R) should have imposed a bit more fiscal discipline on himself.

Hour 2-An nation’s ally is no longer one that shares essential values.  In 2012, an ally is whoever gets paid the most, and the duration of the ally’s loyalty is the duration of the payment flow.


Hour 1

Hour 2

Din-Din With Barack

I really am not interested in having dinner with Barack.  Not that he’s probably not a nice guy, and I certainly would be the envy of my friends, it’s just that – well there are not many people I would like to have dinner with.  Outside of my friends and family, I can’t even think of anyone famous I would enjoy sharing meat and words with.

Then there is the contest – Dinner With Barack.  You get picked.  The Secret Service – those randy bad boys – send you a ticket to somewhere.  Right.  You don’t even know where you are going.  I mean what if it’s Oklahoma?  No offense to Oklahoma, but I’ve been there and swore to Jesus and a bunch of Saints that if I ever made it out of there I would become his servant.  So, you see I can’t go back there, cause I welched on my part of the Agreement.  You also don’t have a date or a time until the last minute.  Okay, so what if I was planning on cleaning my old vinyl albums, or my wife had plans to paint the living room?

Na.  I am not interested.  I mean, it’s not like I could sit there and say stuff like, “Hey B, why, after Karzai keeps insulting you, are you really going to wait until 2014 to leave Afghanistan?”  Or.  “Yo, Mr. P., did you ever feel like smacking that guy, Hannity in the face?”  See, that is dinner conversation.  It’s also chit chat that I am sure is off-limits with Barack.  So, what’s the point? And what if my wife doesn’t hit it off with Michelle, or they show up in the same dress?  Whoa, that could make for an awkward evening.

It’s better I stay here and just say stuff behind the President’s back and under the protection of my microphone.  That just feels more American to me.

Dirt Can’t Hide-LK’s WOR BroadKast 5/31/11

We’ve said it before: governments, corporations, and powerful lowlifes wait for the weekend to release info that reveal them to be the bastards they are, while hoping no one will notice during the weekend lull.  And this was a long weekend.  So release their vile misdeeds they did. But we noticed.

Here’s the link.

Oscar Sounds Off

LK here.  A few days ago I received a missive from “Oscar the Observer”, once an employer of mine, who I’m now honored to call a mentor.  The man is no liberal Mr. Softee; he believes in a hard day’s work for a good day’s pay, but he also believes that every citizen should be given the tools to be able to compete for that hard day’s work.

I don’t agree with every last word in his piece, although we disagree more on how to get where we’re going than the destination itself.  And his final paragraph re Afghanistan and our inability to change a culture, and particularly its abhorrent attitude towards women, is something I’m resigned to as well.

Other than that, his innate optimism is in full regalia, as is his belief in the “can do” spirit of America, a belief nurtured as a child of the depression and WWII.  Killjoy that I can be, I wrote back that he continually frustrates me by retaining the belief that ethical, objective, even-handed thought is worth anything more than a rat’s ass in today’s irrevocably corrupt world, and that additionally, cynicism is the new reality.

Here’s his response:

Yes, to an extent, cynicism is the new reality ——- but my view is that distortion is more the new reality.

It amazes me, as cynical as I am about American intellect, that Republicans have succeeded so emphatically by their self-serving ignorance that has resulted in such gullibility by Americans, and especially the “independents” and blue dog Dems.  Everything the Republicans have promoted and pontificated about is completely wrong and adverse to pulling out of this recession.  And their ignorance has resonated as “moderation” with too many Americans.

I majored in Economics in college.  In the 1950’s, I was studying Economics in the midst of the “Eisenhower Recession” and consequently a lot of attention was given to the parallels of the Depression (the 1930’s) and the fits and starts of Roosevelt’s administration to overcome the worldwide recession and depression, which finally ended by deficit financing without limits to finance our and our allies’ armies and navies for World War II.  A large part of that financing came in the form of War Bonds that Americans bought to aid the war effort, and those debt instruments were paid off after the war in an economy that was on the upswing.  The Republican morons in Congress, who control and influence their party as if it were Stalin’s Russia, seem to me to be completely ignorant of Economics, and blind to the factors such as  the “circular flow of money,” confusing “pump priming” (Keynes and Galbraith) as being antithetical to reducing “waste.”  Congress threw a crimp into Roosevelt’s programs in 1938 by cutting off a lot of money (out of panic that our national debt was out of control), and that resulted in a double dip to the recession until we started to get ready for war, in 1940, and began manufacturing for the Lend-Lease program.

I am in favor of the broad aspects of the Simpson-Bowles plan.  We need to try it to see if it works and see if it can hold down long-term debt without crippling current economic policy to overcome the recession.  (We also need to energize American corporations and industry to begin manufacturing things here that are unnecessarily manufactured in China —– the same “patriotic” mindset that resulted in buying War Bonds instead of just putting money in the bank is needed to be brought to bear in a constant and emphatic ”Make It In America” campaign.  Why the hell is almost every tool in Sears made in China?  We must reduce our tendency to manufacture in China and bring our balance of payments back to realistic levels.  We have to eliminate our knee-jerk reaction to have everything manufactured in China that neuters our industrial ability and idles our labor force; American workers earning salaries in factories and in vertically integrated businesses that result from increased industrial productivity enables more workers here to buy products and keep the circular flow of money chugging along.)

I point out that Paul Krugman, the first day that the Obama Administration proposed the $700,000,000,000 stimulus package, went on record forcefully, writing that it would be insufficient, that at least $1,200,000,000,ooo or $1,300,000,000,000 was necessary to stimulate the economy enough.  He said $700,000,000,000 was only a start, and should not be regarded as the limit.  He was right.  Here’s the evidence:  Bernanke will throw $600,000,000,000 more into the economy over a short period of time.

And before we let the Congressional morons who are devoid of understanding economics and history pull the wool over Americas eyes further until we are completely blind, let’s remember that Bernanke, as a Princeton professor, came to prominence through his study and analysis of the Great Depression; he knows that constricting the economy and abandoning deficit financing prolongs the economic malaise and paralysis.

The Republicans resisted and tried to prevent the stimulus package.  They were stupid, still stuck in Herbert Hooverville.  At the core of their interference with support for programs and legislation that will get more money into the economy that will drive the circular flow of money is their plan to reduce the stimulus package by making Obama use the unspent stimulus money for continuation of unemployment benefits, etc.  Okay.  So, instead of selling out on the Bush tax breaks, Obama should spend the money from the stimulus package for the unemployment extension —— and Bernanke can just increase his, in effect, “additional stimulus package” by the amount deducted from the $700,000,000,000, if need be.

One last thing:  Until we get out of Afghanistan, there will continue to be a pervasive, crippling drain on our economy and weakening of America politically and in world affairs .  It’s time to say “Sayonara” to Karzai and let him be executed by the Taliban.  I believe we can preserve our safety and deal with Afghanistan as a haven for Al Qaeda by bombing Afghanistan whenever necessary.  They’ll get the message that it’s safer just to terrorize Afghanis than to establish Al Qaeda training camps.  It seems clear to me that we will never, never be able to overcome the culture of corruption in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Somalia and Sudan.  No matter what we do we cannot protect women from domination by Islamic mores in those countries.  It’s unfortunate, but if we can’t deal with reality we are condemning ourselves to constant failure.

Rainbow Coalition of Lowlifes

Blumenthal in Connecticut.  Rangel and Paladino in New York.  O’Donnell in Delaware.  Lindsey and Paris wherever they wake up following last night’s blackout.  The Karzai clan in Afghanistan.  And Braylon Edwards of the NY Jets.

A rainbow coalition of lowlifes.

In Blumenthal, we’ve got an urbane, Harvard educated white male who’s so narcissistic, and so immature, that, like a 8 year old little leaguer claiming to have hit a home run at Yankee Stadium, he thinks he can lie about serving in Vietnam when he never stepped foot in the place.  And then claims he misspoke; no big deal.  The leader of the sovereign state of Connecticut’s legal system, the alleged champion of truth and justice, has been convicted, in my court, of perjury.  And still the Connecticut Democratic machine keeps him on the ballot.  Oh, yeah, let’s not forget that he also claimed to be captain of Harvard’s swim team.  Another misunderstood claim from this Poor Richard’s Almanac of self-delusional accomplishments.

Then there’s Rangel and O’Donnell.  A black man who, over time, has come to expect entitlements and exceptions from rules that everybody else has to play by, and a white woman who may never have spoken at length with a black man, and has certainly never met a bill she’s paid gracefully.  The House of Representatives formally accuses Rangel, while ex-campaign managers and diligent journalists reveal sordid unethical truths about O’Donnell, and yet they’re both nominated or renominated by their constituencies.  Let’s not even get into O’Donnell’s air-headed foray into witchcraft.  She’s gotta learn to spell before she can cast a spell.

And in Carl Paladino, NY’s Republican nominee for governor, we’ve got a thug straight out of central casting who gives good blue collar folks a bad name; a man in seek of public office who sends around racist and misogynist emails that are, to be fair, not unlike the off-color stuff many of us send and receive on a regular basis, except that the material Carl finds funny is far, far more extreme and distasteful, and represents a dark and hateful place that takes up way too much space in Carl’s cranium.  You can see him struggling as he barely brings himself to apologize.  And this unbalanced mind is going to balance the budget?  I don’t think so.

In terms of the Flopssey Twins, Lohan and Hilton, what’s there to say?  Jumping from bed to bed, from bar to bar, from courtroom to courtroom, we follow their bratty exploits as if those exploits matter.  I understand that in troubled times like these we can all use an escapist moment or two, but do we have to sink this low?  Throw trash like these two where they belong, in the, well, trash.

Then we’ve got the Karzai clan, and it’s tempting to say “Klan with a K”.  Drug runners, money launderers, and our main allies in fighting the Taliban in order to prevent future acts of terror! We sure know how to pick ‘em.  And Monday morning it was reported that NY State is launching a criminal investigation of Mahmoud Karzai, one of Hamid’s brothers.  Sharia Law my Judeo-Christian ass.  Capone, Corleone, Karzai…has a nice alliterative flow to it.

And finally (at least for today), Braylon Edwards, pro football’s latest DWI.  Does he get suspended for a number of games, by either his own team or the league?  Is he assessed a fine substantial enough to change his lifestyle?  Naw, he sits out the first quarter of Sunday night’s game and then celebrates like a peacock on ecstasy when he scores a touchdown.  No humility, no class.  None on his part, on the league’s part, or on the team’s part.  Win now at all costs, even if the price paid is a complete loss of dignity and credibility.

What links all of the above?

We do.

All the duplicitous dirt-bag politicians have the right to run.  We’re not forced to vote for them.

All the callous and shallow show biz celebrities have the right to squander their family fortunes or their plain dumb luck.  We’re not forced to pay attention.

All the professional athletes who we, via lip service, insist behave like role models, have the right to drive off the road into  a tree trunk.  The trouble is they can just as easily hop the divider and abruptly end the lives of some of their blindly adoring fans.  We’re not forced to continue to support them or the institutions and corporations that turn a blind eye to their transgressions.

The bozos I’ve been talking about only have their power and influence because we give it to them.

Time to take it back.