Job Fumblers, and Anarchy On the Horizon-7/6/12 “” PodKast

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Hour 1
Neither LK nor his listeners were surprised by today’s job numbers. LK begins a narrative with the numbers and winds up ruminating on the national psyche.


Hour 2
The states are flexing their sovereign muscles in ways that may be a prelude to some fundamental shifts in how we live and who we answer to . De jure takes a back seat to de facto, if you catch LK’s Latin..


Economic Recovery or Vicious Cycle?

On the one hand:

LIBOR rates have come down. Lending is picking up. Stock market is rising.

On the other:

Lending standards are being relaxed. Example: GMAC lowering required credit score/rating for 0% loans.

Isn’t this what got the wrecking ball rolling in the first place, when housing loans were made to less than qualified borrowers?

Methinks the piper will be paid by hyper-inflation and painfully high interest rates down the road, and those who lost the most in ’08 before despondently cashing out will be lured back in just as this bear market rally peaks. And if they ran to the “safety” of T-Bills they’ll quickly see the value of those instruments deteriorate as rates inevitably rise.

Caveat emptor. Buy and hold could leave you broke when old.