Little Anthony and His Imperials-LK’s WOR BroadKast 6/6/11

Hope you’re all Motown savvy enough to have the play on the great singing group’s name as a frame of reference.

Some days it doesn’t pay to do show prep until a couple hours before airtime. Today was one of them. LK dispenses with the cheap puns; Anthony Weiner’s pathology makes him a danger to the country. We’re lucky to have Dr. John, Psy D, along with us, to attempt to make sense of Weiner’s cranium.

Here’s the link.

Rainbow Coalition of Scoundrels

scoundrelsMark Sanford, Kanye West, Michael Duval, Serena Williams, and Joe Wilson. Poor impulse control, every one of them. All putting big feet into bigger mouths.

Black and white, male and female, but, interestingly enough, not rich and poor. All rather well to do. Mistaking good fortune with a license to commit first degree boorishness.

All public figures with a healthy dose of ego; ego that’s required to believe one deserves a national or international stage on which to peddle one’s wares.

And we forgive and forget. Back in 1996, Dick Morris, the now ubiquitous right wing pundit, was a trusted adviser to President Clinton and was forced to keep a low profile after being caught with a slightly different kind of foot in his mouth.  Nice comeback, Dick.

As long as we let violators of our collective sense of decency off the hook as easily as we do, expect the cycle of outrage followed by apology followed by outrage followed by apology to continue.

As long as we re-elect or otherwise lionize those who flaunt characteristics that we admonish our children not to display, we’re getting our just desserts.