LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 2/27/12 Show

Sleight of hand (and mind) distractions abound as the Oscars and the NBA All Star Game attempt to sedate LK and his audience, but they weren’t falling for it:

Rick Santorum wanting to “throw up” made LK want to throw up (and the Rickster got his just desserts last night in AZ and MI).

Johnson & Johnson and Google are both members in good standing of the evil empire of sovereign corporations.

The Mad Max movies continue to be the blueprint for the slow but steady breakdown of society as we know it.

Obama apologizes and the Afghans riot in a further display of his impotency and their irrationality.

All presented with as much good cheer and resilience as a realist can muster.


Hour 1:

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Hour 2:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 12/19/11 Show

The bucket of muck we call the news runneth over.

Ding Dong, the son of a witch is dead.  Kim Jong Il has passed on to wherever twisted cognac loving despots with large video collections go.  LK is relieved to know that a kid who’s never seen 30 candles on a birthday cake is now the custodian of a nice little nuclear arsenal.  But the kid loves the NBA and Nike sneakers so all cities with franchises are in the clear.

The Iraqi veterans are getting the shortest end of the stick on record.  There’s a brat in Britain who threatened to kill Santa AND his reindeer if she doesn’t get what she wants because she’s psychotically entitled to every last item on her wish list.

Dr. John Palumbo is back, and relates his trip to the planet Apple.  He also fills LK in on “Who Do You Think You’re Foolin?’”, a new production of his that sticks it to the one per-centers, which can be found on the site here.

“Fungible” is the word of the day.  Crude oil and gold are fungible.  People are not, but governments and corporations haven’t gotten the word yet.  LK clues them in.

Here’s the show:

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Part 2:

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