Kill War to Pay For Healthy Living

So, how does the Obamacare ruling effect me? The truth is, I have no idea, and I fear that most regular folks like me, don’t either. I mean, I know what it says – mostly, and I follow the penalty-fine thing, disguised as “tax,” and the ability to keep kids under and up to age 26 on parents healthcare. But, my kids work and have healthcare, and I am lucky enough to have healthcare under my wife’s work. I assume that policy will increase, and since my wife and sister actually own the small company, there is going to be a weird kind of paying myself with my own money thing probably going to happen.

Truthfully, I do not follow the complex in and out loopholes that I am sure are buried in there, because, for one…this thing doesn’t kick in until 2014, and really it depends on who at that time is controlling the government. Then, there is that confusing and potentially resistance movement by the states. Already, a few Republican governors have said they will not comply with this Federal law.

So, here I am. It’s 2012 – two years before the kick -in. I live in Jersey, and won’t know until after November who the bosses of my state are going to be. I could sit here and fuel my anxiety with what-if’s; what if my kid’s work policies are dropped? What if my wife’s business can’t afford the ASSUMED rise in cost?
So, as you can tell, I am clueless, but if all the stuff that can go bad – goes bad, I’m most likely going to do what the experts are predicting most Americans who get crushed are doing already, or going to do. I will pay the fine, and just not have health care. If something big hits me, I will go to the hospital and let the rest of the people who are able to pay massive premiums, pick up my tab.

By the way…if we are so worried about running out of cash to continue health care and benefits for the elderly, uhm…how about we walk away from Afghanistan…like right now? There’s your piggy bank, guys.