LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/16/12 Show

In hour 1 of this morning’s show:

LK’s controversial take on the Marines who urinated on the dead bodies in Afghanistan: punish the puppeteers, not the puppets.

Speculation on Haley Barbour’s real reasons for pardoning hundreds of prisoners, including convicted murderers.

Football, as only LK and Dr. John can play it.

Leaders who rise because, and only because, they have more nerve and less humility and shame than the rest of us.

Hour 2 may have gone to hard drive heaven, but if it returns from the brink, we’ll post it as soon as it’s out of the ICU.

Enjoy hour 1:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 12/26/11 Show

‘Twas the morn after Xmas and LK did a lot more than stir.  He proposed the Common Decency Party, bemoaned the fact that his info had been hacked, and redefined both war and broadcasting in the second decade of the 21st century.

Situational rather than absolute ethics means that we’re a society which has at least misplaced, if not lost, our core values, and LK finds himself agreeing with the Pope, the type of authority figure who usually makes him bristle.

Dr. John Palumbo goes from Buddha to bourbon in the blink of an eye while addressing the new Kim and the old Pelosi and Boehner.

Here’s the show:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 12/12/11 Show

The menu is full of fine choices and LK isn’t sure what his first course is going to be until the moment the waiter asks for his order.  Should it be:

a.  The anxiety attack Repubs and Dems alike no doubt had upon watching Saturday night’s Repub debate?

b.  The decadence of the price of pet accoutrements at Barney’s considering the number of people on food stamps, while the nose in the air pet-owners bitch and moan over a potential  luxury or “millionaire’s” tax?

c.  The US gov’t welcoming (and paying for) Iraqi students to come here to study before extending a helping hand to the servicemen and woman who sacrificed life and limb to attempt to make the place livable?

LK ends up ordering the complete dinner and manages to both devour the subject material and offer it up at the same time.  Dr. John Palumbo is absent with leave (not that he’s gotta ask) as he’s doing yet another one of his soulful good deeds.

Enjoy.  Here are the links:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 11/14/11 Show

There’s a fine line between vigilance and paranoia, and LK’s walking it.

The incomplete and downright bogus stories we accept as comprehensive reporting are nothing of the sort, and we mindlessly accept them at our own peril.  Questioning and connecting dots doesn’t make one a conspiracy theorist, it makes one a seeker of truth.

Whether it’s deaths at Occupy sites, helicopter crashes with high level Mexican drug cops aboard, munitions explosions in Iran, or Penn State prosecutors gone missing, we’re getting half the story at best, and we’re the worse off for it.

Dr. John tips his hat to, of all people, Justin Timberlake and his lady friend, and it turns out they warrant the gesture.

Here are the links:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Schadenfreude, Just This Once

I normally don’t get giddy happy thoughts and feelings when I see an ultra powerful guy fall from his perch on the top of the world.  Honest.  I suppose I was brought up not to wallow in others misfortune.  Not that I am a saint – far from it.  I just kind of see it as karma and try to use it as a lesson for myself when I screw up or hurt someone.  But, forgive me if I do a river dance over Rupert Murdoch’s tumble.  This is a very nasty man, and he deserves every bit of smelly rot that is being tossed his way.  And the irony is just brilliantly perfect, as Murdoch’s papers thrived on this kind of scandal.  In fact, he’s probably more upset about not being able to cover his own story than the fall of his News Corporation.

Just to be clear, Murdoch, through his papers, more accurately described as tabloids, have – this from an article in the NY Times, lowered the standards of journalism on three continents — and routinely broken the law on at least one of them. He had dumbed down his prestige papers, like The Times of London. He has run roughshod over cross-ownership rules meant to prevent one man or company from having too much power — and then used his lobbying might to get those rules diluted. He has put kowtowing to China ahead of freedom of the press, even killing a book set to be published by his HarperCollins unit – did this guy own EVERYTHING? – that the Chinese authorities objected to. He has consistently used his media properties to reward allies and punish enemies.

He also gave us Fox News, the tabloid TV outlet that Canada refused to give broadcast rights because in Canada there is a law prohibiting news shows from lying. I did not make that up.  Murdoch’s ugliness allowed, even prompted his minions to do such things as hack into the  phones of murdered teenagers, families of victims of  9-11, and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, where Rebekah Brooks called Brown to tell him the Sun was about to print that his infant child had cystic fibrosis.  That was the kind of news Murdoch and his dark crew feasted on.

Powerful enough to even bring down the big boys at Scotland Yard, an institution I always considered ranking up there with our FBI and Israel’s Mossad.  So, yeah.  I’m all smitten right now, especially after reading a piece from CNN that ultra-hackers Lulz Security got in and wrecked Murdoch’s Sun paper and his News International website and his Times of London.  I’m also not keen on hackers, but in this case, I’m giving Lulz a couple of thumbs up.  Let the weasel taste the bitter ugliness of being invaded.

We will have to wait and see what – if any punishment Murdoch gets.  But for now, being outed and paraded publicly for the terrible man he is works for me.

Obama/Bush Phone Call: Official Transcript

President George W. Bush declined an invitation from the White House to join President Obama in a visit to Ground Zero Thursday.

“President Bush will not be in attendance on Thursday. He appreciated the invite, but has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight. He continues to celebrate with all Americans this important victory in the war on terror,” according to a statement released by Bush spokesman David Sherzer late Tuesday.
I was sent a copy of the phone transcript between President Obama, and Mr. Bush from Facebook, followed by an  angry note from Julian Assange with another “ more accurate” Wikileaks one.

Here it is.

Obama:  Hi, George.  How are things?
Bush:  Not bad, Barry.  Rehab was a bitch, but I’m 90 days sober.  Got my       little pin here and everything. Gotta tell ya, I miss the buzz, tho.
OB:  Uh, yeah…same here with the smokes.  Hey, George the reason I’m calling is that I’m going down to the Trade Center to kind of celebrate us taking out Bin Laden, and was wondering if you would like to come along.
Bush:  Who?
OB:  Bin Laden…Osama Bin Laden…the al qaeda guy.
Bush:  Hell, I just can’t place the name, Barry.
OB:  Osama Bin Laden… The guy who planned the 9/11 attacks.  Long beard, turban, owns majority stock in Halliburton.
Bush:  Oh, HIM!  I’ll be damned, you got him?
OB:  Uh, yeah, George.  It was kind of all over the news.
Bush:  Yeah, well… Laura don’t let me watch the news much anymore.  She thinks it’ll toss me off the wagon.
OB:  I see.  Uh, she can come too, George.
Bush:  Where?
OB:  Focus , George.  Ground Zero.  New York City.
Bush: Oh, yeah.  Is Brownie coming?
OB:  No.   Brownie is not coming.
Bush:  Wolfie, The Chainsaw Cheney Hammer?
OB:  George!  This is not a frat party for your administration!  I am inviting you to join me in a very somber tribute.
Bush:  Do I have to give back my “Mission Accomplished Banner?”  It’s so gnarly lookin hangin up over the bar down here.
OB:  No.  You can keep your banner.
Bush:  And my flight jacket? Laura and I like to play out that scene in Top Gun.  Ya know…I’m Tom Cruise and she’s…
OB:  George… way too much information.  You can keep the flight jacket, the banner and even wear the helmet.  Are you coming or not?
Bush:  Easy there, Barry… don’t go gettin your chuck lucks all tight.  Is Hillary gonna be there?
OB:  I’m not sure.  Maybe.
Bush:  Can ya do me a favor?
OB:  What is it, George?
Bush: Can ya ask her to wear that orange pantsuit…the one where her butt kinda peeks out from under the jacket?
OB: Goodbye, George

And, so I can say the NY Times report that Mr. Bush will not be accompanying the president to ground zero Thursday is accurate.

N. Korea, Wrestling, and Chewing Tobacco-LK’s WOR PodKast 2-18-11

On the heels of the seventh 69th birthday celebration for Kim Jong Il, LK speaks with Daniel J. Wakin of the NY Times about his trip to North Korea with the NY Philharmonic.  Dan, who was a NY State wrestling champion in his division,  also weighs in on the male high school wrestler in Iowa who forfeited his match rather than wrestle a girl.

LK checks in with Dr. John, the one from New Jersey, not New Orleans, and a rant on chewing tobacco turns into a debate on whether government or parents should be doing the parenting.

The PodKast can be found here.

Why Arizona’s Bleeding – PodKast

LK asserts that neither guns nor over the top rhetoric were primary causes of the Arizona massacre.
Listen in as he searches for, finds, and fingers the true culprits.

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Terror Plot Didn’t Fail

I’ve been up most of the night listening to information trickle in regarding the undetonated Times Square car bomb.  That I spent last night 5 blocks from the car’s location probably added to what is already my predilection to monitor such things.

It seems to me that a spineless and dim witted terrorist (whether international or domestic) who, upon realizing there was smoke emanating from the back of the vehicle, which might have been followed shortly thereafter by a premature explosion, abandoned the SUV with the motor running and the flashers on.  I don’t know what the terrorist 101 manual says, but I’m guessing that bringing attention to the vehicle containing the explosives isn’t recommended.

And yes, this was a successful act of terrorism.  There may have been no explosion, or loss of life or property, but havoc was created, and another small infusion of paranoia and vigilance now occupies a part of the collective citizen brain that had previously been occupied with creative and productive, instead of protective, thinking.

So Mayor Bloomberg is wrong when he says everything’s back to normal, and New Yorkers should enjoy the city as they always have.   Good thing he wasn’t at his island retreat when this happened.  Wouldn’t have looked good.  My guess is that the frequency of his getaways will diminish some over the next few months.

Meanwhile, with even the NY Times repeatedly pointing out that the Obama administration dropped the ball on the oil rig disaster in the Gulf, and Axelrod and company scrambling the public relations jets to obfuscate their tardy and thus potentially disastrous response,  the folks down there are going through, in the words of Yogi Berra, “deja vu all over again”.

There have been better Sunday mornings.

Cynicism Is The New Real

Check out the lead paragraph from an article on the front page of this past Wednesday’s NYTimes:

“Senator Bob Corker, the Tennessee Republican who is playing a crucial role in bipartisan negotiations over financial regulation, pressed to remove a provision from draft legislation that would have empowered federal authorities to crack down on payday lenders, people involved in the talks said. The industry is politically influential in his home state and a significant contributor to his campaigns, records show.”

The casual, matter of fact description of the Senator’s conflict of interest at the end of the paragraph provides  further confirmation that, as a culture, we’re now completely inured to corruption.

Nothing short of a wrenching change in our collective sensibility will be required for any well intentioned legislation, no matter how tightly written, to achieve its desired goal.

As things stand now, politicians who have reached an elite level of power (with exceptions so few as to be statistically insignificant) will find workarounds and loopholes that render such legislation impotent, if it serves their purposes to do so.

What used to be described as a cynical outlook is now the most accurate way to view our world.