LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 2/27/12 Show

Sleight of hand (and mind) distractions abound as the Oscars and the NBA All Star Game attempt to sedate LK and his audience, but they weren’t falling for it:

Rick Santorum wanting to “throw up” made LK want to throw up (and the Rickster got his just desserts last night in AZ and MI).

Johnson & Johnson and Google are both members in good standing of the evil empire of sovereign corporations.

The Mad Max movies continue to be the blueprint for the slow but steady breakdown of society as we know it.

Obama apologizes and the Afghans riot in a further display of his impotency and their irrationality.

All presented with as much good cheer and resilience as a realist can muster.


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ABC and Cablevision Miss A Golden Opportunity

Day has dawned and both sides swerved to avoid a collision in the game of corporate media chicken that I wrote about yesterday.

This from the trusty WSJ e-mail news alert service:

Walt Disney and Cablevision struck a deal late Sunday to end their financial feud, restoring Disney’s New York-area ABC station for millions of homes less than 15 minutes after the start of the Academy Awards broadcast.

In doing so, both companies missed a huge opportunity to, however inadvertently, teach millions of northeasterners that they could live without the Oscars.  An enlightening unintended consequence of their business spat was, alas, not to be.

The winner of this year’s Oscar for obsessive interest in things trivial and distracting from the myriad problems that we face…… is us.

Let ‘Em Eat Cable

Woke up this morning to the following e-mail news alert from the WSJ:

“Broadcasts of the New York ABC television station weren’t available early Sunday to customers of Cablevision, after Cablevision and ABC owner Walt Disney apparently failed to resolve a financial dispute over monthly subscription fees.”

This is wonderful news.  A small but important start; may the stand-off endure.  Considering how innocuous pop culture is, how downright destructive it’s been to our national intellect, and the otherwise productive people-hours we Americans waste watching two dimensional reality TV instead of living and enlarging our own three dimensional lives, the positive impact of removing a small but important fraction of the mind-numbing input that assaults us daily is cause for celebration.

And tonight, ABC is scheduled to broadcast the Oscars!

Risky strategic timing by both sides, and hopefully neither buckles under pressure.  No red carpets, no designer dresses, no crocodile tears on the podium.

No televised hypocrisy from the Hollywood political dilettantes, who narcissistically spend millions of dollars to pat themselves on the back while the leftover scraps from their post-award events could feed what’s left of the Haitian people for a week.  (And to the usual retort that points out the good works the stars’ charitable foundations are doing, one has to wonder whether they donate because their PR people see it as a necessary evil, and whether their donations are as big a percentage of their incomes as the working stiffs who either tithe on Sundays or are moved to send in a larger check to the Red Cross than they can comfortably afford.)

One down, around 500 more channels to go.