Cory Booker for President-5/21/12 “” PodKast

Hour 1-Cory Booker for President.  LK understands (but wishes he didn’t) why the Democrats are stifling candor wherever it rears its beautiful head.  Senator Mike Lee (R) should have imposed a bit more fiscal discipline on himself.

Hour 2-An nation’s ally is no longer one that shares essential values.  In 2012, an ally is whoever gets paid the most, and the duration of the ally’s loyalty is the duration of the payment flow.


Hour 1

Hour 2

LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 12/12/11 Show

The menu is full of fine choices and LK isn’t sure what his first course is going to be until the moment the waiter asks for his order.  Should it be:

a.  The anxiety attack Repubs and Dems alike no doubt had upon watching Saturday night’s Repub debate?

b.  The decadence of the price of pet accoutrements at Barney’s considering the number of people on food stamps, while the nose in the air pet-owners bitch and moan over a potential  luxury or “millionaire’s” tax?

c.  The US gov’t welcoming (and paying for) Iraqi students to come here to study before extending a helping hand to the servicemen and woman who sacrificed life and limb to attempt to make the place livable?

LK ends up ordering the complete dinner and manages to both devour the subject material and offer it up at the same time.  Dr. John Palumbo is absent with leave (not that he’s gotta ask) as he’s doing yet another one of his soulful good deeds.

Enjoy.  Here are the links:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Man Trumps Mankind-LK’s WOR BroadKast 6/13/11

LK’s got a big point to make: We’ve advanced technologically far more as a species than we have psychologically, and the ramifications can be seen in the wretched global, national, and local events of the day. We better wise up, and fast.

Here’s the link.

Post Fox-LK’s WOR BroadKast 6/8/11

LK’s voice is back, his appearance on Fox and Friends was a fair and balanced trip, and Tony Sausage is still hogging the stage, while the sagging economy and war without end wait in the wings. Dr. John’s mock interview (a transcript of which is posted in the blog section) of Sausage is devastating and hilarious.

Here’s the link.

Real World Wrestlemania-LK’s WOR BroadKast 5/24/11

Headlining the next Wrestlemania: a world tag team championship match that pits Uncle SAM and India vs. PakiSTAN and China.

Dr. John joins 2 words that should never have met, but shamefully describe a seldom discussed form of inhumanity: “institutionalized rape”.

Here’s the link.

Bin Laden Killed In Annapolis, Md.; Body Cast Into Delaware River

Let’s say bin Laden was located and whacked in Annapolis, MD, a stone’s throw from the Capitol and home to the Naval Academy.  And let’s say that it was the Pakistani equivalent to the CIA, the Inter-Services Intelligence who were clocking him for four months from a small apartment above a 7-11 just across from the Brownstone where bin Laden has been hiding.  A team of ISI agents and Pakistani elite fighters move in under our radar and shoot their way up three flights of stairs, knocking off Osama’s personal guards, a couple hookers, and eventually getting to the man himself.  They kill him, then toss his body into the Delaware.  The President learns about it after the fact.

Besides the media going completely ballistic, what would our response be?  What would we think?  What key questions would be asked?

Well, speaking only for myself, I would start by wondering why our President was such a blockhead and how he could possibly be unaware of such a mission?  Same would go for the CIA, NSA, and Homeland Security.  Then I would be very frightened about the fact that Pakistan can get in and out of my country without our military having a clue.  Yikes!  How vulnerable are we, I would wonder as I considered packing my family up for a new life in Switzerland.

Eventually, my conspiracy brain would start blossoming, and I would entertain the idea that they – the Pakistani and our CIA struck a deal.  That we couldn’t take the heat for killing bin Laden because of the potential violent repercussions on our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel.  Logically, then – my illogical brain would conclude, the whole thing was a scam.  He’s not even dead!  That’s why the ISI refuses to show post-mortem pictures, why the blink of an eye burial, and why President Obama is pretending to be angry with Pakistan.  That has to be it, I would convince myself  because I just couldn’t take the fact that the leaders of my country, indeed, my country itself  is a collection of buffoons, laughed at by the entire world.

I understand Pakistan.  I understand why PM Gilani is so miffed, as we – all of us love our countries.  We take pride in our heritage, in our Nationalism.  No matter what the belief system, we participate and relish in it. It is our homeland and is not to be mocked or minimized by anyone.  Insulting my country is insulting me.

So, try to relate to the people of Pakistan as they read about how we snookered them and took out the most wanted criminal in the world right from under their noses.  If, in fact the government and some extremists were aware of bin Laden being there, that does not negate the insult and embarrassment on the people, as just like you and me, the government many times fails to represent our genuine beliefs.

If the world were a prison, right now Pakistan would be the new bitch.  Standing in the gen-pop yard waiting for the next gang to make its move, it would know that its survival depends on it being defensive, wary, and ready to fight back.

Brainwashed Children

The BBC reports that “in early April a suicide blast ripped though a Pakistani shrine packed with thousands of devotees, leaving scores dead. Both attackers were schoolboys in their early teens.”

They were 13 and 14 years old.  The 14 year old survived because his vest malfunctioned.  When he pulled the detonator, he blew off his own arm and tore open his abdomen.  After coming around he reached for a grenade and that’s when the police shot him.

A BBC reporter asked what made him want to take his life and the lives of others.  The kid said, “All I was thinking was that I had to detonate myself near as many people as possible. When I decided it was the right time, it was a moment of happiness for me. I thought that there would be a little bit of pain, but then I would be in heaven.”
You’ve got a 13 year old son.  It’s possible that around the same time this child was blowing himself up, your son was sinking a three.  And that is how separate and diverse our universes are.  Still, we continue this insane notion that we can not only communicate and understand these cultures, but actually change them!

While our kids are in school, these kids are in Taliban camps.  While our children are learning math and science, these kids are being trained in weapons and explosives.  Quote: “He ( a Taliban recruiter) said there was no point studying. He told me that nothing was better than paradise, and that you could earn that by killing non-believers.”

While your son was taking his books out of his backpack, this kid was – paraphrasing -  “I went up a hill to a place nobody could see, took my suicide jacket out of my bag, and put it on.

We may as well be fighting Mars.

My take on nation building in North Africa and the Middle East has been that we are arrogant and presumptuous. I was wrong.  We are just plain stupid. I really have to wonder if our great military minds truly can’t see past the singular focus of beating the other guys just to beat them.  I have to wonder if they and our political geniuses don’t understand that by invading a nation, we are actually enemy -building.  If it’s about the oil, why not just say it’s about the oil and go in big?  But that would be committing political suicide.  Way different than children committing suicide, and obviously way more important.

My heart breaks for that child and his dead playmate, as they did not have a chance.  They were groomed and brainwashed by extremists who absolutely, positively believe they are doing the will of God.

In the face of this, I want to know what the hell it is we believe we can do?