LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 12/26/11 Show

‘Twas the morn after Xmas and LK did a lot more than stir.  He proposed the Common Decency Party, bemoaned the fact that his info had been hacked, and redefined both war and broadcasting in the second decade of the 21st century.

Situational rather than absolute ethics means that we’re a society which has at least misplaced, if not lost, our core values, and LK finds himself agreeing with the Pope, the type of authority figure who usually makes him bristle.

Dr. John Palumbo goes from Buddha to bourbon in the blink of an eye while addressing the new Kim and the old Pelosi and Boehner.

Here’s the show:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 11/21/11 Show

LK spends  a lot of time on the Stupor…, er, SuperCommittee that managed to take 10 weeks before announcing nothing but failure.  This while the census revealed that one third of Americans or 100 million of us, are living at or slightly above the poverty line.  To Jon Kyl (R) and John Kerry (D) we’re votes, not even voters; a means to their ends.  And Rand Paul’s gotta show some respect for his constituents, even if they don’t realize that he’s working against them.

Nancy Pelosi makes stock trades on insider knowledge that would get her arrested were she not shielded by the cloak of Congressional privilege, as do many other “representatives” of the people from both parties.

Lone wolves abound, Thomas Friedman gets things half-right, and Dorothy from Brooklyn weighs in on our deteriorating quality of life.  Dr. John takes the night off in order to do another one of his mind bogglingly selfless deeds.  No joke.

Enjoy the show.

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Part 1:

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Part 2:

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LK Show Prep-9/1/10

editor’s note: as LK readies himself for a wider audience in both podkast and broadcast settings, we thought that sharing his prep notes would be a good way to get preliminary feedback (like a comedian trying out new material in a small club) while letting you in on concentrated versions of themes he’s been ruminating on.  Enjoy.  Or perhaps that’s not the right word….

1.  We can’t nation build halfway around the world if the ties that bind at home are fraying, any more than I can contribute to charity if I can’t pay the rent.  We need to regroup.  Economically, militarily, and spiritually, we need to regroup.  For the time being, we need to endure sorrowful images, like the one on the front page of last Friday’s NY Times where a Pakistani woman and child are drinking from a primitive faucet, while we gather the strength to once again ride to the rescue without leaving our own citizens as vulnerable as they now find themselves.  We’ve got to let the world know that they need  to put a temporary hold on giving us their tired and poor, because we ourselves are plenty fatigued, and if not poor, struggling in ways we’ve never known in our lifetimes.

2.  The shell game being played with troops coming home from Iraq, staying behind in Iraq, and being deployed to Afghanistan is so transparent that it’s astounding anyone’s falling for it.  The speech from the Oval Office rang hollow and shallow.  When an authority figure’s dictum makes it so, or pacifies us to the degree that we act as if it’s so, we’re wearing vintage Orwellian blinders while deluding ourselves into believing that our peripheral vision’s intact.  And certainly we’re going to have no trouble at all taming a country when girls are gassed for having the audacity to desire an education and the nation’s central bank is so inept that even its attempt to hide massive corruption fail miserably.

3.  The proposed Mosque/community center within shouting (spitting?) distance of Ground Zero should not be built.  Constitutional rights and visceral emotions both take a backseat to an ounce of prevention, because there may be no cure.  God (or Allah) forbid that violence befalls the building or it’s members, and WWIII could follow post haste.  If an Austrian Duke being assassinated could lead to millions of deaths as the dominoes fell and violently rearranged themselves into WWI, the tinderbox planet we live on now could be just as easily ignited.

4.  When a 2000+ page financial regulation bill is not only toothless but has dentures that have fallen out, and no one’s read it anyway, is there any doubt that the ultra-bright Machiavellian financiers who gave us the housing bubble can’t find a couple hundred loopholes to render it impotent?  Put another way, if a few rules of chess were altered, is there any doubt that Garry Kasparov or the ghost of Bobby Fischer couldn’t spend a few days thinking the changes through and then continue to beat the pants off the rest of us?

5.  The quality of the health care my family and I receive for the insurance premium I pay is terrific.  Small detail: that premium has increased 50% in the last 2 years.  We’re in NYC.  Between the premium and the deductible I’m out 20K before I see any reimbursement.  For me, that ain’t chump change.  So what I’ve really got is disaster insurance, and I’m paying out of pocket for terrific health care.  The most recent premium hike, which nearly shocked me into needing disaster insurance, came after passage of another 2000+  page bill that nobody’s read; a bill, by the way,  that Nancy Pelosi (who years ago I predicted would lubricate the fall of Obama)  gleefully announced could not be read until AFTER it was passed.  The will of the people wasn’t done, the representatives the people elected would have been fired were they employed by the private sector, as they voted on paradigm changing legislation they weren’t sufficiently familiar with, and no one, but no one knows what’s around the bend health care wise.  That we’re in the dark is shameful, and reflects poorly on us and those who, by running for office, asked for our trust.  New Who song: We WILL Get Fooled Again.

6.  Roger Clemens and the Emmys warrant less space than this sentence took up.

Wreckonciliation and Wrangle

The above was simply too good to pass up.

Obama and crew ran the campaign as well as they’ve run the government poorly. Even Dems don’t understand the current substance or long range implications of the health care bill that Pelosi and Reid, using string, glue and Parliamentary backdoor maneuvers, are attempting to cobble together.

As for Charlie, he’s not stupid so it must be pride that fueled his resistance, until a few minutes ago, to exiting gracefully rather than in handcuffs.

Either that, or he’s in need of low doses of Aricept.

Congress as a whole would take a baby step towards regaining the public’s trust if they’d pass a modest and somewhat bipartisan bill without the shenanigans, embodying the Republican points that Obama’s in accord with, as per this morning’s NYTimes.

And the one and only productive move Pelosi’s made in the past year was to finally wrestle the gavel out of Charlie’s hands. If you wanted to precipitate a geometric increase in the number of Tea Party members, there’d have been no better way than to leave a guy with tax problems in charge of taxing the rest of us.

Pelosi Runs True to Form

February 9th of this year, less than 20 days into the new administration, I posted a piece entitled “Pelosi-Obama’s Biggest Impediment”, and it has come to pass. She’s been given enough rope, and she’s done herself in. Orchestrating a graceful exit will be impossible but leaving her in her present position makes the Democrats impotent, so her exit, no matter how messy, is far preferable to hoping the stench she’s created blows over. It’s not going to.

Sometimes being right is a mixed blessing.

Obama Speaks-Loose Kannon Blogs Live

10:10 goodnight all. see my piece tomorrow on Taxation Without Justification.

10:08 the end. about as good as it could have been, given that we’re human and imperfect. i hope it sticks.

10:05 kids see it much more clearly than us jaded wiseass grownup types. if there’s a God, God bless that child.

10:00 but, but, isn’t Jack Bauer an American? seriously, i think causing excruciating pain to one evil human to save the lives of thousands of innocent ones isn’t a bad trade-off.

9:57 it is hard to believe that the economic cost of the war in Iraq was kept out of the budget. that’s one gigantic piece of wool that was pulled over the nation’s eyes.

9:56 the check is in the mail. great.

9:55 i will not see my taxes increased a single dime.

9:53 attacking agri-business is a slippery slope. that’s going to be an engine of monstrous economic growth as we feed billions halfway around the world.

9:52 Schumer looks smarmier than Donald Trump. not easy.

9:51 it is with extreme humility that i point out that i was 10 minutes ahead of him in the video game condemnation department.

9:49 what Republican or bluedog Dem can scoff at the goal of regaining the upper hand regarding higher education?

9:44 we cannot consider ourselves civilized if all of our citizens don’t have access to quality health care. the fact that this is not self-evident reflects poorly on us all.

9:41 O’s making a valiant effort to get America away from the lethargy that led Grand Theft Auto and the WWE to matter more than the noble and necessary endeavors of the past, that made us the great nation he believes we still are and can continue to be

9:39 let’s see if domestic solar stocks rise tomorrow. look at ENER. disclosure: no position.

9:37 government catalyzed private enterprise. another excellent picture painted.

9:36 excellent line about sacrificing even worthy priorities.

9:35 Wrangel contemplates his eventual plea bargain.

9:33 but you have to help banks in order for them to help people. that’s how the system works.

9:29 i hope he knows how to recognize responsible families that are suffering. i can’t imagine the agency that’s going to be required, and the number of lie detectors that the agency will need to purchase. see my piece tomorrow on Taxation Without Justification for more on the subject.

9:26 slowly, O may be successfully turning this into a national family meeting around a large kitchen table, about a change in the economic status of the family, and what has to be done for the family to weather the bumpy road ahead.

9:22 O should be talking more about hard choices and paying the price for our excesses. he doesn’t need to sell a bill that’s already been signed into law.

9:19 good call to arms. now let’s get down to specifics. please.

9:06 full disclosure: i voted for Obama. yes, my first three entries were critical of Dems. for equal time, scroll down to the piece posted earlier today about cold hearted, opportunistic Bobby Jindal.

9:05 no duct tape on Geithner’s mouth. probably just an oversight.

9:00 Sully’s there! Sully’s there! landing this economy safely in the Hudson can’t be any tougher than what he did. or is it?

8:57 Biden and Pelosi look like they spent some time on their appearance tonight. are these the Oscars or a major political speech? too bad Biden can’t buy designer tact and Pelosi can’t buy a designer brain.

8:50 watching CNN. already heard about congressional behavior that’s worth a column unto itself. some congressmen got to the chamber as early as 8:30 this morning to reserve spots so that they could greet and be seen greeting the president. any notions that these are statesmen and not showmen have been put to rest.

7:45 p.m. ET Pregame show:

Unlike credentialed members of the media, I’m not given a copy of the President’s address ahead of time. I have no idea why that is.

My educated guess is that as a result of the multiple failures by member of Team O to communicate well over the past couple of weeks, followed by plenty of media flack about it, the President is prepped and ready to rock.

His delivery’s always good, and his content’s going to be on point, and on whatever target he wants to hit. He may not please all of the people all of the time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight marks the beginning of the long and arduous process of moving the country in a positive direction.

I hope, for all of our sakes, that I’m right. With another 600,00 newly unemployed folks expected to be out on the street this week, it’s either get this train back on track or get ready for some serious civil unrest.

Be back at 9PM EST. – LK

Jindal Puts Politics Over People

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is a Republican rising star, a potential Presidential nominee come 2012 and/or 2016. As such, he’s adopted an attitude toward the stimulus bill that disregards the needs of the people he represents, choosing instead to garner a wide swath of publicity as he goes on a media blitz criticizing the plan.

This site also has its problems with the package, one that Pelosi and company worked out without much, if any, consultation with the Republicans down the hall or the White House down the block. However, as long as it’s been passed and signed into law, any public official, especially in a state as recently devastated and in the hole (2 billion dollar budget shortfall) as Louisiana is, would be doing his constituency a disservice by using his disingenuous objections as the basis for turning down the aid.

His refusal of funds may well backfire, as footage of his statements refusing help, juxtaposed with footage of the state of the state of Louisiana in 2011, will make for a devastating campaign ad that will make him look petty and short-sighted on a national stage.

Gingrich Reading Kannon?

Kannon Fodder:

The Kannon team loves nothing more than being three coffees to the wind on a Sunday morning, with the bonus of noticing that the New York Times is finally bringing to light yet another dynamic that this site pointed out long before the traditional press or public sentiment caught on to it.

From today’s post-Valentine edition comes this piece: In Gingrich Mold, a New Voice for G.O.P. Resistance

From the article:

The fact that House Republicans have stood firm against Mr. Obama suggests just how unified the caucus is, though Mr. Gingrich, in an interview, said Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Representative David R. Obey of Wisconsin, the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, did more to unify Republicans than anything Republicans did.

“I’d like to tell you Cantor did a brilliant job, but the truth is that Pelosi and Obey pushed the members into his arms,” Mr. Gingrich said. But, he added, “They have been good at developing alternatives so they don’t leave their guys out there chanting no.”

And, from days and months earlier, LooseKannon’s precient posts on the “Pelosi Effect”:

Pelosi-Obama’s Biggest Impediment
Posted by LK on February 8th 2009

Pelosi’s Panic
Posted by LK on September 29th 2008

Gotta get the crystal ball back under lock and key.

Pelosi-Obama’s Biggest Impediment

My lack of regard for Speaker Pelosi has been chronicled here and in other posts on this site.

She’s a prime example of the Peter Principle, which, roughly stated, says that one rises to one’s level of incompetence. She suffers from the same lack of perspective that plagued Dan Quayle and plagues Sarah Palin: all three of them are so small-minded that they’re incapable of seeing their own limitations. So they all shamelessly go forth with an authority that would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Of course there’s a need for economic stimulus. No major insight there. Nancy, bloated with gumption following the end of the Bush era, crams every special interest allocation sitting on her desk into a bill labeled stimulus, and expects to get the Obama years off to a rousing bipartisan start. Doesn’t happen, and shouldn’t have.

The Big O knows that the Senate’s going to do some chopping, so he stands aside and bides his time. He doesn’t want intra-party squabbling, so he let’s the Senate cut Nancy’s bill down to size for him.

The fun starts when the House and Senate try to reconcile their disparate pieces of legislation. Does Ms. Pelosi, hack fundraiser disguised as distinguished statesperson, wake up and smell the pragmatism, or does she sabotage her own party’s leader because, he, for the sake of the American people, is spoiling her personal party?

The Morning After

editor’s note: please see “Pelosi’s Panic” for continuity, and check out the poll below to blow off some steam by playing the blame game.


Judd Gregg, the Senate Banking Committee’s ranking Republican, and Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate, said a deal would eventually pass. Obama called for calm after the House vote, saying the plan “will get done.” Republican John McCain urged lawmakers to “go back to the drawing board”.

From the above, Obama looks like the candidate who can cross party lines and reach a consensus in a measured, calming way.  This ability to calm the waters is critical during crises like this, as mass psychology is a major factor in times of economic turmoil.  Sometimes a bigger factor than economics itself.  Take a look at the classic “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”.

McCain used alarmist language.  Advantage O.

The Dems need to look a couple of steps ahead and should hire Gary Kasparov as a consultant to help them plan their moves.  Yesterday they were outmaneuvered and Speaker Pelosi proved that the job was over her pay grade.