Kannon Fodder:

The news media is a buzz with the word bipartisan – lots of finger pointing and pledges, but the same old Washington.

Example: here’s a post in the USA Today – excerpt:

“It was just one vote in the early days of a new Congress and a new presidency, but it was hard not to see Wednesday’s big zero — not one of 177 House Republicans supported the economic stimulus bill — as an ominous sign that Washington is still stuck in the bitterly polarized politics that has blocked progress on big issues for years.”

Advice to the new FCC Chair

Kannon Fodder

The Minneapolis Star Tribune gives some advice to Julius Genachowski, our new FCC Chair and the man behind Obama’s masterful use of technology. It’s an insightful, forward thinking piece – The Kannon’s team can’t wait to hear what the big guy has to say about it.

Up ahead for the FCC – The troubled transition to Digital TV, Broadband access for all, cross ownership, and what to do about future “wardrobe malfunctions.”

Star Tribune

The Chinese New Year: Their economy is broke

Kannon Fodder:

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, here’s something that caught our eye in the UK Times Online: A couple of quotes: “Even before the global financial crisis, those in absolute poverty (earning less than US$1 a day) doubled in China over the past decade… The general economic outlook is so dire that the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, has increasingly issued warnings about the possibility of political and social collapse.” The subtitle of the article says it all: “Beijing’s “authoritarian capitalist” model has gone as far as it can. Chaos, corruption and indecision have been ignored.”
Times Online