LK’s “” PodKast-The 5/14/12 Show

Hour 1

The Eurozone debacle is hitting all of us in the wallet big time. LK strongly suggests that we exorcize our inner ostrich.

Hour 2

LK believes that the President’s transparent insincerity just bit him in his poll numbers. Mitt still doesn’t realize that no one forgets high school lowlights.

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It’s the economy, stupid, but that’s not all it is:

Just reported: 450,000+ new jobless claims, stupid.

There’s a 50/50 chance of another rate cut in December, making the dollar worth even less than it is now to the rest of the world. Monopoly money backed by the full faith and credit of the US government, which isn’t saying a lot lately, stupid.

The Chinese, who have been propping up our economy by buying our T-Bills, so that we can buy WalMartian goods from them, are probably losing a bit of patience, stupid.

It’s not the lipstick, whether on a pig or a pit bull, stupid.

It’s your future, it’s your kid’s future, and it’s their kid’s future, stupid.

It’s THE future, stupid.

Start paying attention, or pay the price for insisting on remaining…stupid.

That old definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result, applies directly to the upcoming election.

Obama may be an X factor in certain respects, but McPalin have all their cards on the table and it’s the same losing hand that got us here. If this country chooses a comfortable demise over an uncertain but plausible opportunity, then the American spirit is gone.


Turns Out She Cooked Her Own Goose

Received some additional info earlier today that goes a long way towards explaining why Hillary didn’t get the nod. In a phone chain that included one of the original Republican contenders for their nomination, it was made clear that the McCain camp has known for a while that Hillary does in fact have her eyes dead set on 2012, and will do as little a possible (while attempting to maintain her status within the Democratic party) during the upcoming campaign.

Given that she’s now made it clear that her tepid endorsement of Barack has given way to a full fledged desire to see him lose, he had no choice but to leave her off the ticket.

She covets the brass ring more than the well being of the country she claims to love. Very, very sad.

She cooked her own goose. I learned a thing or two as well.