LK Endorses Obama, But Not Through Rose Colored Glasses

Barack Obama isn’t a polished gem.

It’s not even clear yet that he’s a diamond in the rough.

What is clear is that this is one of those moments in history when chances have to be taken, when untested raw talent is preferable to a known entity whose best maverick days are far behind him.

McCain’s judgment, through his choice of an unqualified vice-presidential candidate, among other campaign miscues, has been shown to be impulsive and erratic.

His lack of understanding of the global economy, and how it’s intertwined with the fate of working (as well as unemployed) Americans, is more frightening than any movie that was available for rental on Halloween.

Perhaps most importantly, Obama is smart enough, and secure enough, to know what he doesn’t know, and to surround himself with world class, universally respected advisers to fill in the gaps. Not unlike what a top shelf CEO would do.

In contrast, the Dan Quayles and Sarah Palins of the world are so constricted mentally that they didn’t and don’t recognize how mentally constricted they are. Very dangerous. That McCain, who at one point seemed like a pretty savvy fellow, allowed the choice of someone he knew in his heart of hearts isn’t qualified to be veep, points to 4 more years of a rudderless ship. A Navy man should know that’s not a viable vessel.

Paul Volcker, Warren Buffet, and Colin Powell know a lot more about the economy, foreign policy, and military strategy than you or I do, and they’ve cast their ballots in the form of endorsements for Obama. McCain’s got the Verminator and Cheney. Enough said.

LooseKannon and endorse Barack Obama for President of the United States.