Radio Is Selling For Pennies On The Dollars…

Kannon Fodder:

Radio is selling for pennies on the dollars, and only those thinking forward will survive…

We’re often reminded of the great quote accredited to Warren Buffet: “Picking up pennies in front of a steam roller is a lousy business plan.”

The Kannon Team has a great passion for Radio, and keeps it’s ear to the ground for trends in the industry. Here’s Mark Ramsey –- one heck of a smart radio guy’s — take on the current state of the industry:

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From “Beached In Florida” re Hill4Veep

While I ponder the as yet unresolved Hillary Clinton conundrum (see below) I turn the podium over to Beached In Florida, a frequent and eloquent reader whose comments have displayed equal parts legal argument, geometric proof, and heart.

And in this case, vehement opposition to my point of view.

Beached writes:

Sorry, LK, but I REALLY disagree with you on this. Here are a few reasons, in no particular order, why Obama should NOT choose Clinton as his running mate.

1. Who’s in charge? How presidential is it if the primary winner buckles under to pressure from the loser?
2. While Clinton has her staunch supporters, who may or may not ultimately support Obama, she is a lightning rod for the GOP. Currently apathetic Republicans are likely to turn out in droves to defeat any ticket she’s on. It’s one of the reasonsObama is more electable.
3. Obama has gotten where he is by presenting himself as the change candidate, and not in name only. He has successfully refused to be drawn into the negative, win at any cost model of most “successful” politicians, has refused to take money from lobbyists, and has raised enormous sums of money by engaging millions of small donors. If Clinton is on the ticket with him, how does this further his most fundamental, core message?

Nominate HRC to the Supreme Court — she’d be good there. Give her the nod to be Senate Majority Leader. Governor of NY. But NOT Obama’s vice presidential candidate.

Thank you Beached. Hillary’s questionable motives and chronic inability to be considered trustworthy aide your arguments. With a water gun to my head I’d still say the Obama /Clinton ticket is the most potent that the Democrats can field. The question that’s got to be answered is: can that ticket then govern in the spirit that Obama has promised, with ground rules established by him that she will abide by?

Stay tuned. Speaking of staying tuned, Rush and Sean had a field day today. Great radio and physically revulsive at the same time. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep hammering away at it until the left wakes up to the need for a radio presence that gets it: simply being right is not an effective persuasive strategy, any more than a straightforward presentation of the truth is the way to win over a jury.

Wising up isn’t selling out.