LK’s “” PodKast-The 5/14/12 Show

Hour 1

The Eurozone debacle is hitting all of us in the wallet big time. LK strongly suggests that we exorcize our inner ostrich.

Hour 2

LK believes that the President’s transparent insincerity just bit him in his poll numbers. Mitt still doesn’t realize that no one forgets high school lowlights.

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 11/21/11 Show

LK spends  a lot of time on the Stupor…, er, SuperCommittee that managed to take 10 weeks before announcing nothing but failure.  This while the census revealed that one third of Americans or 100 million of us, are living at or slightly above the poverty line.  To Jon Kyl (R) and John Kerry (D) we’re votes, not even voters; a means to their ends.  And Rand Paul’s gotta show some respect for his constituents, even if they don’t realize that he’s working against them.

Nancy Pelosi makes stock trades on insider knowledge that would get her arrested were she not shielded by the cloak of Congressional privilege, as do many other “representatives” of the people from both parties.

Lone wolves abound, Thomas Friedman gets things half-right, and Dorothy from Brooklyn weighs in on our deteriorating quality of life.  Dr. John takes the night off in order to do another one of his mind bogglingly selfless deeds.  No joke.

Enjoy the show.

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