Are we ready for Economic Darwinism?

Kannon Fodder:

“…what America is living through now is a drastic and high-speed wave of Darwinism that reaches every corner of the economy and financial system. We’re on failure overload – which is why this all feels so frightening and why markets remain in disarray.  … more failure that the economy must digest, when it’s already choking on the first huge lot of it in this recession.”

Tom Petruno points this out in an op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun.

America’s Shutting Down

There’s a scene you’ve probably seen in the movies where the power to a major metropolis is cut, and the lights on the skyscrapers systematically and sequentially shut down. That’s what’s happening to America, albeit at a slower pace. But not in slow motion.

Airlines are eliminating flights, placing surcharges on bags and free tickets (yes, that’s an oxymoron), and I’ve heard rumblings that weighing passengers is being considered, as we are morphed from unique sentient beings into freight. As we’re f’d by the price of the two f’s (food and fuel), lifestyles are changing for all but the super-rich, and even though they’ve got the cushion to continue to live as they have, they’re not immune from having to deal with lower corporate profits and quite probably lower end of year bonuses. My hankie remains dry while considering their plight.

Any self-respecting extra-terrestrial dispassionately monitoring our planet sees a perfect storm of indeterminate nature and length brewing, unless of course, they’ve long since tamed chaos theory, in which case they know how things will play out. If they do, I respectfully request that they direct one of their supercomputers to e-mail us a printout of their projections.

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