LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 2/20/12 Show

Take one part rising gas prices, one part Iranian rumblings, and one part municipalities going broke, and LK sees a Mad Max environment right around the corner.

He also sees the Republicans self-destructing while the Dems and Prez O put lipstick on pigs and hope we invite the pigs to the prom.

The sovereign nation of China is hacking into whatever it feels like hacking into, with little or no resistance, while the sovereign nation of Google does the same.

Dr. John declares war on the war on drugs, and takes Syria to task for its cyber-treachery.

Happy President’s Day.  George and Abe are turning in their graves after checking out the news on their iPads.

Here’s the show:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/30/12 Show

Usually it’s just the last segment of the show in which LK goes pinball, bouncing around from topic to topic and perspective to perspective.  This show was wall to wall pinball, from the opening bell to the reluctant farewell.

Among this morning’s bonus balls:

Was Haley Barbour, by pardoning 200+ mostly politically connected lowlifes, trying to obfuscate the pardoning of the convicts who worked at the governor’s mansion, convicts who perhaps saw some Mississippi mischief that the Gov doesn’t want going public?

Why the Prez and Ron Paul are currently sitting together in a corner of the schoolroom, backs facing the class, while wearing matching dunce caps.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close almost killed LK as he attempted not to break into full-blown blubbering in a crowded movie theater.  Its impact knocked him for a loop and probably influenced the show more than he’d like to admit.  The film was as powerful as The Descendants was limp. For reasons not easily explained, but LK takes a shot at it.

Why Leon Panetta couldn’t be Warren Buffet’s secretary, let alone the SecDef.

How Greece is being raped by the EuroZone (read “Germany”).

Dr. John weighs in with his timely and much needed observations on the proliferation of medz for kidz.

Enjoy the free game (see pinball references above):

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/23/12 Show

The serenity prayer, or affirmation, depending on your religious or secular take on spirituality:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

LK attempts to remain serene while hyperventilating following South Carolina’s primary and the Gingrich victory, which came about, in large part, due to the Newt’s racially charged code words.

LK comes to bury Paterno, not to praise him, and can’t understand why anyone, besides the Friends of Sandusky, would see it otherwise.

He goes toe to toe with Dr. John, as they engage in a long volley of news both joyous and repulsive, and Dr. John’s fully redesigned 2012 Serenity Prayer rings true.

LK tips his helmet to the NY Giants.

Enjoy the show:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/9/12 Show

On LK’s agenda this morning:

The Republicans are being obstructionist.  No one paying attention can dispute this.

The President, purportedly a constitutional scholar, is finding every which way to circumvent that same constitution.  Clearly to know it isn’t necessarily to love it.

It’s an embarrassment to this country to have Rick Perry as one of the six candidates of one of the two major political parties running for the presidency.

Judging by his recent comments, Leon Panetta couldn’t command a fleet of rubber duckies in a bathtub, let alone handle being the Secretary of Defense

We’ve got two super-turbo monster trucks, one being driven by an elephant, the other being driven by a donkey, heading straight for each other in a game of chicken.  The big problem is that riding in the back, with no seat belts or helmets, are you, me, and everyone else in this country.

Dr. John Palumbo playfully muses on the end of the world and having too much stuff.

Here’s the show:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/2/12 Show

Happy New Year!

“While the cat’s away the mice (or rats in this case) will play” is the theme of this week’s show.  While our psyche’s take a well deserved rest from the daily barrage of unsettling world events, that same world takes advantage of our dropped guard and reveals extreme behavior that would alarm and dismay us were we in our usual state of vigilance:

1.  The Chinese are planning to send men to the moon.  LK thinks they’re going to claim it as theirs.

2.  Iran claims to have produced a nuclear fuel rod and successfully test fired a long range missile.

3.  President Obama signs a bill that he vowed to veto that risks our basic constitutional rights.

Among other things.

Dr. John Palumbo lightens things up by slicing and dicing the Republican field of weeds, and giving us his list resolutions, which, unlike the normal list, is not a collection of things he vows to do, but a list of what he vows NEVER to do again.


Part 1:

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Part 2:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 12/12/11 Show

The menu is full of fine choices and LK isn’t sure what his first course is going to be until the moment the waiter asks for his order.  Should it be:

a.  The anxiety attack Repubs and Dems alike no doubt had upon watching Saturday night’s Repub debate?

b.  The decadence of the price of pet accoutrements at Barney’s considering the number of people on food stamps, while the nose in the air pet-owners bitch and moan over a potential  luxury or “millionaire’s” tax?

c.  The US gov’t welcoming (and paying for) Iraqi students to come here to study before extending a helping hand to the servicemen and woman who sacrificed life and limb to attempt to make the place livable?

LK ends up ordering the complete dinner and manages to both devour the subject material and offer it up at the same time.  Dr. John Palumbo is absent with leave (not that he’s gotta ask) as he’s doing yet another one of his soulful good deeds.

Enjoy.  Here are the links:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 10/31/11 Show

LK’s got what’s been variously described as a character flaw, a gift, a pathology, a knack, or simply a compulsion, which is to incessantly and possibly productively connect dots that lead him to be something of an early warning system, which both benefits those around him AND drives them crazy, and maybe can be helpful to you.

Tonight he turned his gaze to OWS, which he compares to a TV channel programed by random hackers (WOWS), how Greece is not just Europe’s, but our very own canary in a coal mine, as well gambling in Florida with what he posits as the hush hush approval of the Mega-Church types.

Not to mention the guy who firebombed the Taco Bell because his chalupa didn’t haven’t enough meat, the Tobin Tax, and aspirin negating the need for any additional health care whatsoever.


Here are the links:

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Part 2:

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The UFC, er, Republicans In Vegas

Random thoughts on the atrocity in Lost Wages:

I was waiting for the bald guy who runs the UFC to come out and sign Romney and Perry to a match.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up on SNL to do so in a skit.

Herman’s been real good at solving problems in his business career.  He’s horrible at explaining his solutions on a national stage.  His takes on OWS and the unemployed being problems and not victims were surreal.

Newt had the highest IQ on stage and would probably be the most productive president, but he’s a case study in over-packing one’s baggage.

Ron Paul should be the new Sec’y of Liberty and Constitutional Adherence, which would create another department he’d immediately abolish.

Rick Perry never ceases to look like a kid’s toy waiting for a big key to be inserted into the middle of its back to keep it wound up.

Bachmann is an embarrassment to the nation, the party, and the political process.

Santorum’s getting up a head of steam for 2020.

Huntsman boycotted and McCotter bowed out because the media won’t cover even the smartest guy in the room if he’s bald, which left us with a mean IQ south of the electrified border fence.

Net result may well be Jeb Bush entering later in the process and winning the nomination and the presidency.  Rand Paul starts a third party and runs in 2016 or 2020 the latest.

LK’s Running Blog: Obama and 1 Term


ASAP, if not sooner, President Obama has to declare himself a one term president.  Irrespective of the bucket of economic slop he inherited from W, and the rabid obstructionism of Republicans in both Houses of Congress, he has been a walking primer of strategic mistakes and is pathetically ineffectual.   Were he a CEO, he would have been granted a nice severance package and discretely escorted from the building by now.

True, the American people can show him the door in November of ’12, but that means his replacement will be as bright as Michelle Bachmann, as spineless as Mitt Romney, or as unscrupulous, duplicitous, and evangelical as Rick Perry, who I expect will, like a television pastor/huckster, soon be offering  green prosperity handkerchiefs and packets of water he’s blessed as a way of thanking his campaign donors.

For the good of the country, O has to check into campaign rehab to kick his addiction to the high that results from his preaching to the converted while glowing in their meaningless accolades.  He has to bow out gracefully, in order to give Hillary, Cuomo, and a few others the time to establish themselves as viable candidates and then win the damn White House, if for no other reason than to stymie the polluted river of legislation that will come flowing out of possible Republican majorities in both the House and Senate.

Dr. John or Ron Paul; You Decide

LK here.  The following transcript of Dr. John’s rant last night was delivered on air at around 7:25pm EST.  There’s no way that Ron Paul, in the live Republican debate that followed at 8:00pm EST, might have been influenced by the piece.  Is there?

Here’s an idiotic question I saw in the CNN poll this morning.  “Is it time for the US to pull out of Afghanistan?”  HAHAHAHAHA!  The poll numbers indicate that 83% of Americans said – to use a Palin-ism,  “You betcha.”

We should also leave Pakistan, any military interest in Bahrain, Syria, Libya, and basically anyplace that is NOT the US!  I need to repeat… IT AINT WORKING!!!! We are not responsible for multi-culturizing the friggin world!!!!  Even China is realizing that it’s not getting much help from its new friends. Pakistan’s prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, may have embarrassed the United States by praising China to the skies during a recent visit. But he also embarrassed Beijing by asserting that China has offered to build a naval base for Pakistan at Gwadar, close to the Gulf of Oman, to which China would have access. While this was probably an exaggeration, according to the Times, it touched Indian nerves.  Plus, China’s got its own problems as the Arab Spring seems to be spreading, sending hundreds of migrant workers into the streets rioting to the extent that the Chinese cops had to roll out their tanks and other people- muffle stuff to break it up.

So, how long ya think before China realizes that these lunatic fanatics are probably not the best guys to have on your side?  China is smart… ain’t they?  I mean I thought they were smart.  They invented spaghetti for god sake.

It must be, then, a scam.  China trying to make the US jealous.  Right?  And guess what?  As long as we play kissy face with the mutts in any of the “stans,” China is going to keep playing the new lover.

What part of all this do the geniuses in DC not get?  Want to start climbing out of the fiscal nightmare?  Stop the wars.  Want to stop killing our young men and women who are dying for absolutely no reason?  Stop the wars.  You know what?  The guy who is going to win the next presidential election is the guy who records this show and repeats this piece verbatim.  Troops home to protect our borders, take our noses out of everyone’s business and rebuild what Bush and Obama have destroyed.

Never gonna happen.  Obama is a nice guy, but just a windbag.  An intellectual windbag, but a windbag just the same.  Bush and his crew should be tried as war criminals, but that ain’t gonna happen either.  So where are we?  Where is our choice, our input to salvage our beloved country?  Voting?  For who?????

The only guy saying anything close to getting out of there is Ron Paul and the powers that be will destroy him in a heartbeat by presenting him as another version of Ross Perot, which he may well be.  The latest CNN poll tells us that Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin – who hasn’t even declared yet -  are at the top of the heap.  They are followed by also undeclared Rudy Giuliani. Then in a breathtaking tie is the guy who was in charge of Godfathers Pizza and crazy Newt Gingrich.

The only sort of good news is that Crazier-than-Newt, Michelle Bachmann is down in the basement with Tim Pawlenty and Homophobe, Rick Santorum.

Feeling sick in your tummy?  Kurt Vonnegut said, “There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president.”