LK’s “” PodKast-The 5/14/12 Show

Hour 1

The Eurozone debacle is hitting all of us in the wallet big time. LK strongly suggests that we exorcize our inner ostrich.

Hour 2

LK believes that the President’s transparent insincerity just bit him in his poll numbers. Mitt still doesn’t realize that no one forgets high school lowlights.

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 2/20/12 Show

Take one part rising gas prices, one part Iranian rumblings, and one part municipalities going broke, and LK sees a Mad Max environment right around the corner.

He also sees the Republicans self-destructing while the Dems and Prez O put lipstick on pigs and hope we invite the pigs to the prom.

The sovereign nation of China is hacking into whatever it feels like hacking into, with little or no resistance, while the sovereign nation of Google does the same.

Dr. John declares war on the war on drugs, and takes Syria to task for its cyber-treachery.

Happy President’s Day.  George and Abe are turning in their graves after checking out the news on their iPads.

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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/9/12 Show

On LK’s agenda this morning:

The Republicans are being obstructionist.  No one paying attention can dispute this.

The President, purportedly a constitutional scholar, is finding every which way to circumvent that same constitution.  Clearly to know it isn’t necessarily to love it.

It’s an embarrassment to this country to have Rick Perry as one of the six candidates of one of the two major political parties running for the presidency.

Judging by his recent comments, Leon Panetta couldn’t command a fleet of rubber duckies in a bathtub, let alone handle being the Secretary of Defense

We’ve got two super-turbo monster trucks, one being driven by an elephant, the other being driven by a donkey, heading straight for each other in a game of chicken.  The big problem is that riding in the back, with no seat belts or helmets, are you, me, and everyone else in this country.

Dr. John Palumbo playfully muses on the end of the world and having too much stuff.

Here’s the show:

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The UFC, er, Republicans In Vegas

Random thoughts on the atrocity in Lost Wages:

I was waiting for the bald guy who runs the UFC to come out and sign Romney and Perry to a match.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up on SNL to do so in a skit.

Herman’s been real good at solving problems in his business career.  He’s horrible at explaining his solutions on a national stage.  His takes on OWS and the unemployed being problems and not victims were surreal.

Newt had the highest IQ on stage and would probably be the most productive president, but he’s a case study in over-packing one’s baggage.

Ron Paul should be the new Sec’y of Liberty and Constitutional Adherence, which would create another department he’d immediately abolish.

Rick Perry never ceases to look like a kid’s toy waiting for a big key to be inserted into the middle of its back to keep it wound up.

Bachmann is an embarrassment to the nation, the party, and the political process.

Santorum’s getting up a head of steam for 2020.

Huntsman boycotted and McCotter bowed out because the media won’t cover even the smartest guy in the room if he’s bald, which left us with a mean IQ south of the electrified border fence.

Net result may well be Jeb Bush entering later in the process and winning the nomination and the presidency.  Rand Paul starts a third party and runs in 2016 or 2020 the latest.

Ben and the Little Blue Pill (PG-13)

Saw Ben Bernanke wearing a raincoat and baseball cap pulled way low over his face entering a Boston Medical office the other day.  That’s the place with the ubiquitous advertisements for methods and medications that deal with, um, well, impotence.

Seems that QE2 has identity issues and thinks it’s the Titanic.

Ben was pretty damn sure he could perform.  As he smugly relayed on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, print another 600 billion smackers and buy our own debt with it (get your head around that without getting big time dizzy) and at least two economy friendly conditions would ensue:

1.  Interest rates would stay down, way down, to prime the housing market and other big ticket purchases, while also driving money into equities (stocks in Main Street lingo) because the yields on savings accounts, CD’s and bonds would probably be zero or worse once inflation’s taken into account.

2.  The banks could borrow at those lower rates, lend more freely to businesses of all sizes, which might induce said businesses to find the courage to expand and get the unemployment rate out of its anemic state.

Ben’s coming up limp, which explains the brown rectangular paper bag he was carrying as he entered the clinic while looking furtively from side to side.

Interest rates are rising, as there’s a limit to the wool he can pull over the eyes of savvy money managers worldwide.  The buck’s getting weaker, so we’ve got to offer higher rates to lure domestic investors and foreign countries like China, who own us like Visa owns your next door neighbor.  Rates on home loans, although still low by historical standards, have risen 10-20% since Ben’s attempt to suppress them.   You know things are upside down when rising translate to impotence.

And on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal, the front page headline reads: “Companies Cling to Cash”, with the sub-heading “Coffers Swell to 51-year high as Cautious Firms Put Off Investing in Growth”.

At least something’s swelling, but it’s not what Ben was looking for.  He’s batting zero for 2, and the stakes are a little higher than moving a runner into scoring position.

So Ben’s team, “The Feds“, aren’t, well, scoring, and since they want to score ever so badly Ben is seeking professional help.

Aunt Samantha (Uncle Sam’s sister) can’t get no satisfaction, and a frustrated Aunt Samantha may look elsewhere sooner than later if she doesn’t get it from Ben.

Rumor has it she’s got her eye on Ron Paul.