Urinating In Public

This is cold, politically way incorrect, and what I believe to be true:

If you take our armed forces, which are made up, to a shamefully disproportionate degree, of poorly educated service men and women who come from the lower economic rungs of our society, and put them in a living hell on a regular basis, they’re not going to extrapolate as to the geopolitical ramifications of pissing on guys who 5 minutes ago were trying to kill them and/or their buddies, and may well have succeeded to some degree.

They forgot their sensitivity training because it wasn’t nearly as convincing or intensive as the indoctrination they received to defend and attack,  which reinforced, then ultimately distorted their primal instincts for self-preservation.  The utterly foul Petri dish that Bush and Cheney dropped them into, and Obama and Clinton did nothing to extricate them from, was and remains a breeding ground for vile acts that human beings have committed on a regular basis throughout history.

If  you want justice, punish the puppeteers, not the puppets.

LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 11/28/11 Show

From J-Lo to John Liu (NYC comptroller), no one is telling it like it is.  No one, that is, besides LK.  The hedgies and skankster banksters swoop down on Iraq after our young men and women sacrifice life and limb to make the place investable, and leave without any of the spoils.  They and their families should be the first in line.

Gratitude (the enduring kind, not the one day and back to complaining kind) is taken up first by Dr. John and then by Dorothy from Brooklyn. LK does a Rick Perry on the word ignominy, one of the SAT type words that usually flows out of his mouth too often.

China, those Asian cyber-terrorists, are going to be building high speed rail lines for the British, while the European countries begin surrendering their sovereignty to the IMF, the ECB, the EU and any other alphabet soup that wants to get in on the plundering.

And Jim Boeheim should follow Bernie Fine out the door.

The show is a blast; LK comes out swinging and doesn’t let down. The Red Bull and military alertness gum work overtime. Enjoy.

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Part 2:

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