LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 2/6/12 Show

The Giants are the Super Bowl champs, and that’s just fine and dandy, but it doesn’t change the dysfunctional  local, national, and international goings on.

Newt, the “angry little attack muffin” (thank you Peggy Noonan) makes Thomas Eagleton look like the picture of mental health.  LK didn’t know he was one of the despised northeastern elite just because he rode the NYC subways, and no doubt his fellow strap-hangers will be equally surprised by Newt’s vituperations.

The European leaders get their economic marching orders from the same banks and hedge funds that got them into their mess, while the European people just get shafted.

The question isn’t whether Madonna should have done the Super Bowl halftime show, but what kind of damage control is now most appropriate.

All this, plus the pinball segment and some fresh bumper music make this yet another show that one misses at one’s own peril.


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LK’s “AM 970 The Apple” PodKast-The 1/23/12 Show

The serenity prayer, or affirmation, depending on your religious or secular take on spirituality:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

LK attempts to remain serene while hyperventilating following South Carolina’s primary and the Gingrich victory, which came about, in large part, due to the Newt’s racially charged code words.

LK comes to bury Paterno, not to praise him, and can’t understand why anyone, besides the Friends of Sandusky, would see it otherwise.

He goes toe to toe with Dr. John, as they engage in a long volley of news both joyous and repulsive, and Dr. John’s fully redesigned 2012 Serenity Prayer rings true.

LK tips his helmet to the NY Giants.

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LK Twist-Waste of Time

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According to this morning’s Wall Street Journal the “number of man hours an organization devotes to winning the Super Bowl” is one million.

The number of man hours this nation spends, every week, watching tone deaf people attempt to sing is in the tens of millions.


And we wonder why our economy is faltering and our educational standing in the world is sinking like a stone.

Superbowl Advertising – GM, Chrysler and Ford are missing the point

Kannon Fodder:

It’s been noted in virtually every newspaper and online resource that the American car companies are not advertising in the Super Bowl, for example, this article in the Baltimore Sun.

The argument is that it would appear tacky to spend $3 million for one thirty second ad when they just got a sweet handout from Uncle Sam.

The Kannon Fodder team thinks it is what you advertise that is tacky – not where you advertise it. Just the other night, one ot the team saw a Ford as that shouted “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO BUY AT EMPLOYEE PRICES. PRICES WILL NEVER BE THIS LOW.”

Bull Crap. We don’t believe that, you don’t believe it, the dealers don’t believe it. No one does.

What we need now is some honesty – and some transparency. Step forward and be the first manufacturer to say:

“Please go to Consumer Reports or our own website to download the dealer invoice. You’ll see exactly the price our dealers are paying for these cars. We pledge to you that this is the lowest we can sell them for to still be able to pay back the money we borrowed from you, the tax payer.

We’ve instructed our dealers to charge you no more than $500 more than this price. If they try to play games, find a dealer who will treat you fairly.

We’re all in this together. “

That Ad would sell cars. If that ad was on the Super Bowl, and the manufacturers really followed through and stopped playing games, and the dealerships stopped doing business as usual, people might start trusting again.

Not running an ad in the most viewed event this year is just playing more games.

Forget the Super Bowl Ads

I didn’t pay much attention to the Super Bowl or the always anticipated big bucks advertisements that debut during the game. Plaxico Burress’ moronic late night behavior saw to that. The game was on while other Sunday night obligations were tended to.

The most meaningful ad of the day wasn’t on during the game. It was broadcast earlier in the afternoon, and was for Touch of Grey by Just For Men hair coloring. Until yesterday the tack taken on these ads had to do with sex appeal; the plot line followed a recently divorced or still on the market guy trying to impress a younger date. He was uptight about his greying temples. Enter the product. Casanova’s reborn.

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