Most Important News Item Since 9/11

This is a clip from last night’s (11/6/14) ABC nightly news.  Read the accompanying article and sit through the exasperating ad that precedes the clip; it’s required watching.  And for me, not much is.  The same item was the lead story on the 11pm EST ABC Radio News broadcast.  I heard it.

Yet there is little related to it in today’s mainstream OR alternative media.  I now see that the Washington Times has picked up on it as well.

When I did radio in 2011-2012 I did a number of shows with segments based on my belief that the next major war would be conducted on an internet platform. 

At best, hopefully we can perform the same tricks as our adversaries seem to have done, and we’re back to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). 

The Berlin Wall fell, but the War thermostat is once again set to where it used to be: Cold.