Election As Mirror

Obama’s now got Colin Powell’s endorsement. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under George the first and Sec’y of State under George II. That’s an endorsement from a military man, not a black man, but I’m sure the right wing radio types are already licking their chops. Vile (but entertaining) bastards.

He’s already got Buffet and Volcker, Rubin and Reich. That’s most of the economy, stupid.

The mark of a society that survives is its ability to discern, and willingness to listen to, the best and brightest within its ranks.

This election, is, more than anything else, a referendum on us. On whether our society survives and prospers, or continues the wretched decline that began on January 20, 2001.

America’s going to look in the mirror on November 5th, and see whether we’re a frightened people clinging to a limited view of the past, or a courageous bunch willing to take on the unknown.

Romans watching Rome burn, or the Founding Fathers. You decide.